18,000 visitors on Gujarati new year day at Statue of Unity bring in Rs 36 lakh ticket collection

Vadodara: As many as 18,000 visitors paid visit to Statue of Unity – world’s tallest statue inaugurated on 31st October this year by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This made ticket collection of Rs 36 lakh in a day, the highest till today after opening. A day before on Diwali 11,219 persons visited th statue.

Heavy rush has compelled Gujarat government to issue a statement early in the morning today informing the people that daily quota of visit to deck located at chest portion of statue is 5,000. Two lifts and deck at height have no capacity to accommodate more than 5,000 persons any day. The government has also informed that staue premises remains open for public visit only during 9 am and 5 pm.