GSRTC launches 25 new buses on Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar ‘Vikas route’

Gandhinagar: Capital Gandhinagar is located more than 20 kms away from core areas of the city of Ahmedabad. The rail service between two cities is just token and not effective. Gandhinagar phase of Metro rail project has been shelved for now due to lack of viability. The only mode of connection between two cities is surface transport. So far as mass transport is concerned, Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) operates buses between two cities. While going to Gandhinagar using this service is easier, the return journey often is difficult due to lack of enough buses.

The Government of Gujarat today launched 25 new buses on this route which has been named as ‘Vikas Route’. All 25 buses are manufactured in-house at Naroda workshop of GSRTC in Ahmedabad.

Gandhinagar bus depot witnessed start of service in year 1971. GSRTC operates 84 point services on Gandhinagar – Ahmedabad route covering various areas of Ahmedabad city. At present 121 schedule, 41,000 km, 1008 trips, 141 routes and 153 point services are in operation. Vikas route services benefit 7,000 passengers including 4,547 pass holders. 82 trips, 1500 pass holders and in-total 4,000 passengers are carried in rural trips.

Transport minister RC Faldu said the new buses are manufactured as per the latest emission norms. He said the government plants to put 1619 super express and semi luxury and 500 mini buses – in total 2119 buses on road this year. The new buses are built with 44 changes. There has been special care taken to avoid short circuit.

Faldu said GSRTC will be the first and only government corporation that builds in-house-sleeper coaches. It will also be govt. corporation that builds highest number of bus body. So far 1001 bus bodies are manufactured. Everyday 6 and monthly 170 bud bodies can be built in GSRTC facility. 99% villages of Gujarat are provide bus connectivity.