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Narendra Modi meets Ugandan President and Prime Minister

Narendra Modi meets Ugandan President and Prime Minister
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 18 November, 2008

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today met Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and the Prime Minister Apollo Nsibambi in two separate meetings held at Kampala. The dialogue opened up new avenues of cooperation in various sectors.

During the first phase of the trip, Gujarat delegation under the leadership of the Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi has arrived in Uganda. Uganda Government had thoroughly scrutinised and studied the prospects and areas of cooperation well in advance. The progressive State like Gujarat can play a decisive role in the development of Uganda. The strategies and areas of partnership are being discussed. Mr Mishibambu has debated the strategy with his cabinet colleagues. He extended his cordial invitation to the progressive farmers to replicate the agriculture revolution for their country. He expressed his desire to send agriculture students of his country in the agricultural Universities of Gujarat. Chief Minister elaborated the landmark achievements of Gujarat in the Water-Management and Agriculture development. Impressed by the Narmada-Dam and Hydro Power Project, Mr Mishibambu asserted to seek help of expert engineers in the sector to replicate such an ambitious project for his country.

The Prime Minister of Uganda lauded the development model and leadership of Gujarat. In the wake of successful dialogue, for the first time, fresh avenues have opened up for the progressive farmers and expert engineers in water sectors. They have shown their readiness to take assistance for Technical Skill Up Gradation, Skill Formation Training, Agro Processing and Dairy Processing from Gujarat.

On the invitation of the President of Uganda Mr. Yoweri Mushevini, Chief Minister had initiated dialogue during the high level meet.

Kampala Indian Association of Uganda had organised a ceremony to accord grand welcome to the Chief Minister. He was extended standing ovation from the leaders of Trade and Industries.

The Gujarati Parliamentarian of Uganda Shri Sanjay Tanna said, “Shri Narendrabhai Modi is the Vibrant Chief Minister of Vibrant Gujarat, he is the first Chief Minister taking care of the Gujarati Diaspora ,that resides in Uganda.”

Minister of Internal Affairs of Uganda Mr Rugunga had hosted dinner for the C.M, he praised the quality model of Gujarat to transform the state, and standing ovation was extended to the C.M on the occasion.

Mr Rugunga said, “We are really keen to draft out partnership with Gujarat in Dairy, Agriculture development, Water Management, Technical Education, Petroleum and Energy sectors. In the forth coming Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit, a delegation of Uganda would definitely take part in to the Summit.”

Responding to the honour and warm welcome, Chief Minister displayed the strength of Gujarat; he highlighted the virtuous and progressive journey of the State. Gujarat is potentially competing the growth of other Asian Nations, Gujarat is a leader in garnering capital and industrial investment, Gujarat has shown path to the nation in water management and agriculture revolution. He signified the unique success of Jyotigram and Broad-Band Connectivity along with the rural economic transformation, significant improvement in Human Development Index.

In the 21st Century, Gujarat chants the Mantra ‘Development of Gujarat for the Development of India’, the Participial Gujarat has taken up Good-Governance, Pro-Active Governance, has presented the Model for Special Economic Zone and Special Investment region, added the C.M. He elaborated the theme of ‘New Progressive Gujarat within Gujarat’.

Chief Minister invited all to participate in to Vibrant Gujarat-2009, and to remain committed to celebrate ‘Swarnim Gujarat’(Golden Gujarat). He proposed to set up a committee for Swarnim Gujarat.

Additional Principal Secretary Shri G.C.Murmu, Chairman Tourism Corporation Shri P.D.Vaghela, leading industrialists have also joined the trip to East Africa.

Ugandan Foreign Minister welcomes Gujarat CM Modi at Entebbe airport

Gujarat delegation led by Narendra Modi to visit Uganda and Kenya

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  1. Chintan Joshi says:



    The Times of India Report

    Uganda to send top brass for Vibarant Gujarat
    18 Nov 2008, 2342 hrs IST, TNN

    AHMEDABAD: A high-level delegation from Uganda will come calling for the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit to be held in January next year. The African country, which is keen on partnering Gujarat in sectors like agriculture and agro-processing, dairy, petroleum and energy among others, is looking forward to taking part in the biannual investors’ summit, said government sources.

    Chief minister Narendra Modi, who is on a four-day visit to Uganda and Kenya, met Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni and prime minister Apollo Nsibambi before addressing a gathering of Indians, mostly Gujaratis, at a function organised by Indian Association of Uganda in Kampala.

    Modi has urged Gujaratis in Uganda to actively participate in the state’s golden jubilee celebrations planned in 2010. The chief minister is also expected to interact with businessmen in the East African countries to hard-sell the global investors’ summit. The Ugandan prime minister has shown interest in partnering with Gujarat especially in agriculture and water management. “Uganda would be interested in sending students to Gujarat’s agri universities. The prime minister also expressed a desire to replicate a hydro power project like the one on Sardar Sarovar dam,” said a state government source.

  2. Snehal Aus says:

    good on ya…NAMO ….well done…

  3. Abhishek says:

    Watch the video of Shri Narendra Modi’s visit to Africa on http://www.jitegagujarat.com

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