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Wonders of Gujarat:Patan’s Ranki Vav(Queen’s stepwell)Video

Wonders of Gujarat:Patan’s Ranki Vav(Queen’s stepwell)Video

The video above is from NDTV series:Seven wonders of India. In the course of making this series the tv channel correspondents visited several wonders of each state in India.

In Gujarat, one of the places the channel visited was Patan’s Rani Ki Vav(Queen’s Stepwell).

Situated in Patan town in Gujarat, the shaft of the well is highly ornamented with intricate carvings. The wall projects the large vertical brackets in pairs, which supported the different galleries of the well. The brackets are arranged in tiers. It has a stepped corridor compartmented at regular intervals with pillared multi-storeyed pavilions. The four pavilions which demarcate the stages along the descent have multiple storeys, two, four, six and seven respectively. It was constructed during the period of the Solanki or Chalukya (11th-12th century). The full size sculptures of the stepwell are taken from the entire Hindu pantheon, for example, Vishnu, Shiva and their various aspects appear with or without their consorts.

There is one factual mistake that the anchor has done while delivering his commentary in the video above. The anchor says that one part of the stepwell is restricted due to structural weakness that happened due to 2001 earthquake. However the fact is that this part was restricted even before the earthquake that happened in 2001.

The stepwell structures are underground structure and are built in a way that any amount of earthquake can’t damage them even slightly. Even after two great earthquakes of 1819 and 2001, Gujarat’s stepwell structures at Adalaj or Patan or even in earthquake prone Kutch and Saurashtra have not received any damage. This because of our great traditional architecture. Enjoy the video.

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  1. VINOD TRIVEDI says:

    very nice film taken by NDTV. the sad part of the film is that the full length of Vav has not been shown. There are very very good sculptures all around the walls. One of the best scuplture of Loer VISHNU at the bottom of the Vav looks very very beautiful. If NDTV had put few of the best scupture seperately, atleast one would take print of it, as some loving people may not able to visit the Vav. I shall be very grateful if u willput some pictures of sculptures, so that it can beb seen by NRI.
    Indded good work done by Prannoy roy & his team.
    Hearty congrats to them.
    with regards
    vinod trivedi

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