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Election Commission of India’s LIVE poll result website links

Election Commission of India’s LIVE poll result website links
New Delhi, DeshGujarat, 15 May, 2009

Election Commission’s Official Lok Sabha 2009 poll result website links:


-State wise leading/trailing candidates trend

-Party wise leading seats trend

-Constituency wise all candidates result

For the first time, the Election Commission of India would post round wise poll results online on its newly created website.

On May 16, counting would start at 8 am with postal ballot. After half-an-hour, electronic voting machines (EVMs) would be opened for counting. First round results are likely to be out by 9.30 am. The counting process will be completed within four hours. In case, the number of candidates are more, it will be completed and result will be out within seven hours.

The results will be declared after every round after thoroughly checking them. Then, the returning officer (RO) will post the results on the EC website

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  1. Niraj Doshi says:

    Thankyou verymuch Japanbhai..!!

  2. Dhaval Vyas says:

    Can’t they develop little better and attractive website. It looks like some illegal craky website.

  3. H Shah says:

    Thanks for the site links. Do not agree with Vyas’s comment above… The site seems to have a lot of well organized info. I especially like the map. Things can always be decorated better – but come 16th if the site works, I will be very happy.

  4. Thiagarajan says:

    Thanks. Now we can hear the results from the horse’s mouth.

  5. ANTU.P.K says:

    i want to watch live counting results

  6. Raj 17 says:

    thank you ery japanbhai and team for readymade link

  7. Ashit Jogi says:

    Please improve font and font size

  8. Karthik says:

    Your work is technically enlightening the democracy

  9. prem says:

    your not able to upload the trends of election up to now?

  10. Venkatesh says:

    OOOPS….. Good Work from Indian Gov…

    But no updates yet…. It should be lively and much faster..

  11. Adeeb Ulla Shareirff Shazaid khan says:

    out governent is like our late police who apper in the seen after the final seen.

  12. Adeeb Ulla Shareirff Shazaid khan says:

    8:30 mean indian time 03:80

  13. sajid usmani says:

    hi.this is SAJID USMANI thanks e.c. To take such a great step to bring live result so we can relay on these live and authentic result.

  14. bhuvanesh says:

    it is very useful, thank u

  15. arun says:

    As expected, the web-site is for name-sake, as i dont think we will be able to access the site to get meaningful information. Unable to connect, and when connected, unable to view the page, and if able to view, no information posted….. i would have to switch to the TV channels, most of which are biased to one side or the other. :(

  16. sunil kumar soni says:

    good job mr. commsioner its great true and fair reults, no a mean task. whats great all honour your results. thats great of indian denocracy.


    very-2 thanks to election commission for providing trasparent picture of 15th Lok Sabha election result update on line ……….thanks INDIA & JAI HIN

  18. DEEPANKAR says:

    very poor perfomance like NDA

  19. DEEPANKAR says:

    very poor performance like NDA

  20. Kailash Giri says:

    Not a single page opening !!!!!!

  21. Abhishek Dwivedi says:

    it’s very slow, i think watching TV and Listing Radio is so far better than it.

  22. PREMKUMAR says:


  23. sir,
    why are u setting online results, your websites are not opening properly, you successfully maintain elections, but failed in websites, sorry for disturbance

  24. Idris says:

    This nice to see that Elecation commission of India now get HI FI tecanology.but why there is not rules change for election.like why there is no any aducation nessasary for any election ? if u change yourself you must think for other too

  25. roshan says:

    great the site is a great step towards our e governence
    thx but try to upload quickly
    i dont know the results up to now

  26. Dr Azad says:

    Thank u for providing very elaborated information in a very simple way

  27. Superb,
    Indian Democracy-Jai Ho
    Election Commission of India-Jai Ho
    Jeete Raho

  28. nilkantha says:

    at 11.40 a.m 17/05/2009 the constituency wise result is not avilable. It is very disappointing.

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