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Photos:Narendra Modi as a teacher in Primary school classroom

Photos:Narendra Modi as a teacher in Primary school classroom
June, 2009

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, his ministerial colleges and over 350 IAS officers are participating in state government’s 3 days annual Girl child school enrollment campaign in different villages of the state. In the photos above, you can watch Modi in a classroom, teaching the children a Gujarati poetry by poet Botadkar. This happened in Sanand Taluka’s Zamp village.

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  1. Bharat Sachania says:

    This is our Gujarat Chef Minister. Who are in School as a ordinary Teacher. Our Chhote Sardar is working hard and our Gujarat making progress under our Hon. Modiji.

    Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat Vande Mataram.

  2. Hari says:

    The best way to impart primary education, is to form a public-private partnerships with a consultant/commission based monitoring system inplace for accountability on the lines of cheeranjeevi yogna.

    He should give fixed term contracts for running the government schools to private parties like the swaminarayan sampraday, or Swami Vivekanand trust, or to the Convent school boards, so that the Government schools can become effective. Tell me how can you have a government bureaucracy run a school?

    Instead what I am seeing is that private schools and tution classes trying to compete with the Government schools and taking advantage of deteriorating school supplies in Government schools to extort more fees out of the vaalis.

    Education is a human right, it should be imparted free of cost throughout the curriculum and made qualitative by instilling a active network of teachers and School management universities.

    I think Modiji is better off teaching his own GPCB staff and industry lobbies to stop the shit in Mother rivers of Vapi to Ankleshwar.
    जय श्री राम

  3. chagan patel says:

    Wah NaMo saheb wah…keep it up.

  4. uttam says:


  5. snehal parmar Australia says:

    hmmm…interesting….I like this idea…..

    wt i dont like it the lazyness of P T teachers…to be honest, they do nothing….all the P T teachers should hv responsibities of creating at least one sports carnival and find out good athletes frm the community….thats the only way, we can be in Olympic and make out community more healthier….

  6. suraj says:

    this guy is great. the rest of india is unlucky of having rejected him and fearing him

  7. db says:

    oh forget every thing. people of indian don’t have mind to understand this. just try to speak english. it is enought you to drive your life.

    i think Namo is wasting is time. no one care. look at rahul gandhi. he is doing nothing but he has every thing..

    no surprise why Namo is not in center. otherwise india would be 1 doller = 1 Rs.

  8. asali bharatiya says:

    Surat rape case, ashok jadeja, 62 lak bank robbery, cash snitcing incidents, extortion, kidnaping, co-operative bank scandles shows total failure of bjp govt in Guj.

    modi blackmailed the Gujarati emotionally by blaming UPA Govt for having step-motherly behavior but in the contrary bjp MPs never used their MP funds completely.

    Surat is the castle of strong bjp leader Kashiram Rana who was winning by the supports of muslims & he allowed muslim youth for criminal activities. In East Surat, varachha is famous for Saurashtrian gengster & in west Surat, Adajan & Rander are the bases of muslim gengsters.

    This situation is everywhere in Guj. bjp is hiring muslim youth for criminal activities to keep panic in Hindus so that Hindus can vote for bjp. This is open secret of Guj.

    Same situation in Ahmedbad, Saurashtra & Katch where Jadejas are growing day by day.

  9. Hari says:



    A student is a student, he should NOT be discriminated on the basis of rich/poor. We have people like Bharat ratna Rajendra Prasad or President Abdul Kalam who studied in Government schools. Why do we fail to revive Government schools at par with the private schools.


    If everyone is provided equal opportunity to a qualitative education (through an active network of teachers and school management research) there will be NO NEED for caste-based reservation system. The role of Narendra Modi as CM of Gujarat is to frame a innovative model and a constitution for progressive education (because primary education is entirely a state subject), and setup-up a fool proof system if he cares about Hindutva goals. Introduce a pilot program of imparting Education of sanskrit language from primary standards beginning with shubhashitam.
    जय श्री राम!

  10. Hardik says:

    In my opinion getting success in Gujarat is different from getting sucess in Metros. For example if we take Bangalore, i experienced that u have many opportunities available comparitively where in even a simple graduate who is out of college freshly is able to draw Rs. 12000 p.m on an average. This kind of opportunities have popped up due to protectionism enjoyed by this metros.

    But to succeed in Gujarat is different. U need to have skills which others cannot ignore or depedency factor kind of skills, or some innovation in services or products u give otherwise u cannot mint money in Gujarat.

  11. hi says:

    Interesting thing abt this is it is not published by media, he has done good work n this needs ti be published by media

  12. ashwin patel says:

    asali bharatiya,
    for quite some time you have been showing your skin. We all know that Modiji is worst nightmere for your kind of ” italian nakali bhartiya “. This nightmere is not going to end in any near future, so enjoy your life in modiland.

  13. asli bharatiya says:

    Modiji should concentrate on safty of citizen, leaving teaching pupils in primary school.

  14. sabke papa says:

    asli bharatiya, first learn how to speak and write english, then give your feedbacks…

  15. asli bharatiya says:

    to sabke papa

    oh I see. U Gujarati know English who even cannot speak better Hindi. HAAAAA…………

  16. Garvo Gujarati says:

    It seems that you are Pseudo Bharatiya! not asli (asali) Bharatiya. Pseudo people don’t have courage to accept truth. You know Gandhiji’s command over English, he is all time GREAT BHARTIYA produced by Gujarat. Want to know more names? Sadar Patel, Shri Mavlankar, Mahadev Desai and many more are there. Maharaja Sayaji Rao Gaekwad identify Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar sponsered for his entire studies from India to UK and have join Baroda state service. This is the contribution of Gujarat. We have to accept that in this world no body has 100% good qualities but who ever has little good accept and admire my dear Pseudo Bhartiya.

  17. arun kumar rai says:

    NARENDRA BHAI MODI….you rock……..let the bastards bark

  18. arun kumar rai says:

    NARENDRA BHAI MODI….you rock……..let the bastards bark

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