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CVC probes NRI’s complaint against Ahmedabad airport customs

CVC probes NRI’s complaint against Ahmedabad airport customs
By our correspondent
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 21 June, 2009

Sometime before, CBI officers had raided Ahmedabad international airport and seized foreign liqur bottles from the duty free shop there. Now Central Vigilance Commission(CVC) has started probing another event related to Ahmedabad custom officers deployed at the airport, in which custom officers allegedly harassed an NRI lady to get bribe money.

According to sources, on May 24, an NRI lady laded at Ahmedabad international airport where custom officers checked her bag and found digital cameras and other electronic items. Almost seven custom officers formed a group to check lady’s luggage for an hour and allegedly showed intention to get some bribe to clear the baggage. However the lady was firm in her attitude, as all the luggage was legal.

The lady then after complained CVC in writing. This resulted in CVC probe in which at least seven officers are believed to have raided custom officers at the airport. CVC officers have also sought video footage of May 24 night to 25th morning from CCTV camera on airport.

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  1. Ram Krishna says:

    This issue is pain in the ass even at mumbai airport, govt needs to do something about it.. hope Namo bhai does something.. don’t have any expectation from maharashtra congress govt anyway.

  2. Hardik says:

    Nice work by CVC. Good action by lady.

  3. Bharat Sachania says:

    This is main problem at Airport. More panic at Mumbai airport too. Our peoples live out side India and coming to visit our loving India. So this problem must be sortout and emploed honest Custom Officers in Airport.Praful Patel is get onther oppturnity as Minister he must act strongly hand to trouble making airport staff.

    Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat Vande Mataram.

  4. Gujarati NRI, UK says:

    I avoid travelling via Ahmedaba airport in spite of it is really suitable option for me. It is only because of this corrupted custom officers there.

    They are greedy wolves who harrase people up to any extend to get bribe or snatch important goods from passengers.

  5. Hari says:

    I must tell this forum that Sardar Patel AIrport is in a big mess. It brings shame to the passengers coming from there. There is a lot of asking for money at the Airport by the police.
    You see officer people standing idle there like unemployed people, scratching their nose or idling around and clobbering around nothing to do.
    Only the Airport security appears little active and dutiful.
    When I go to pick up my relatives at the Airport, there is lot of dust and dirt around. The entire place looks like a S.T. bus stand.
    May I ask Sh.Japanbhai to take the suggestions given by Dr. Parth Mehta given earlier in one of the previous topics.
    If Gujarat wants to be a global center of economy, then fix this dark spot at the Airport.
    Impression should be made that Bharateeya Gujarat is all about actively working staff, and cleanliness comes first.
    जय श्री राम

  6. Pooja says:

    Good for her! I’m so glad that there are people like this lady who stand up for what’s right and refuse to accept extortion. and three cheers for the CVC too who acted on her complaint.

  7. Yahya Khan says:

    Hello Guys,

    I also have a VERY BAD experience at Ahmedabad International Airport in 2006. I live in Malaysia and there is no direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Ahmedabad. Yet we can book Singapore Airlines which offers KL-Singapore and then connecting flight from Singapore to Ahmedabad which is more expensive compared to ones KL-Delhi or KL-Mumbai. However, I wanted to land on my Janm Bhumi directly, so I booked Singapore Airlines and landed at Ahmedabad International Airport on the eve of Diwali (21st Oct, 2006). I didnt carry any electronic goods or any other valuable items. However, few guys there helped me lift my two bags put in the trolley and escorted me outside airport and then started asking money. I had changed Malaysian Ringgit into Indian Rupees at KLIA and unfortunately I had the currency notes each of Rs.500 only. so I have those two guys one notes each (500×2). and then another two guys appeared and demanded the money and helplessly i gave them one note each (500×2) again. However my ordeal didnt end yet. We all seated in the car we hired and were about to move, and one more guy came running towards the car and from the open window he asked money, so i replied him that i already given 4 guys Rs.500 each, but he said “they wont share with me, so please give me too, coz today is Diwali night”. I had no choice but to give me one more note (rs500). SO I ENDED UP GIVING RS.2500 for nothing. I didnt complain to authority but decided not to go to Ahmedabad International Airport any more.

  8. ydv says:

    dear Mr yahya khan same thing some times happen a mumbai airport ,u could have given rs 500/- and told them that all of them should share the same or alternatively keep change of rs 100 notes, u can do so by carrying the same from india , for your return visit

  9. KENT says:


  10. hemant says:

    I am a regular traveller approximately every 6 months and I had two horrified experience one when my was travelling with my son and was travelling next day one of security guard pushed my disabled wife while she was saying good bye to me and my son who was 9then so terrified he do not want to go to India any more and there are no one at the airport to listen to your compliant a have complained to Mr. Modi in writing as well nothing happened yet and second time they ask me for permit to carry duty free liquor when I explained of they not took my both bottle whiskey and threatened me with lockup now I have decided not to invest any more penny . I hope somthing will be done.and as we dont have other choice and get robbed by this idot custom officer.
    Hemant (uk)

  11. Yahya Khan says:

    Thank you “ydv”.

  12. Vineet says:

    I had similar experinece when i went india last year on 2nd octomber. It was Gandhi Jayanti. The custom officer was telling me “saheb navratri ni bakshis aapo”. I told him today is Gandhi Jayanti and shame on you to ask for bribe. These kind of events occured many times with my other friends as well. There is not any change yet. It is my request to Gujarat government “Gujarat will only progress, if they provide clean aminities at the airport”. This is the black spot on entrance of gujarat.

    Wake Up Gujarat

  13. Nilesh says:

    It is ridiculous that nobody is there to listen us. we are few revealing this kind of illegal act at the Mumbai Airport and at Ahmedabad Airport. There are pleanty who even don’t speak because they know it is worthless. Those officer should be suspended on the spot. But as we all know as you go from security officer to manager or may be any higher officer you have to face more corruption.

  14. Pooja says:

    In year 2006, during summer we went to India (Ahmedabad). I plan for 10 days prayer (Jaag).
    First I went with my kids for the preparation and my husband joined us later. When I went to airport I have no problem at all (Thank GOD)! ! ! But when my husband came they give him a really hard time. Since, we don’t have our own home in Ahmedabad, I was going to stay with my parents and other sisters. So, I did not bring any valuable jewelry with me and my husband had 2 sets of gold jewelry – which I bought on year 2000 and he also had a receipt with him. But at the airport, first they ( Government PAID Bhikhari – sorry I don’t have any good name for them ) stop my husband and ask for the money. He denied to do so. Then they ask him to leave the jewelry at the airport and when he go back to US, they’ll gave him back! ! ! ( Can anybody trust this people????) He showed them the invitation card with our US address printed plus also showed them the receipt from the store where we bought the jewelry in Year 2000.
    They keep him at the airport for more than four hours. Finally they come to the point that he have to pay the duty (Rs. 3800 ) to the Gove. My husband paid the duty which is official.

    Mr. Modi,

    If you want to make Gujarat the # 1 place for the business, first clean the airport – remove the Gove. paid Bhikhari and clean the dust ( sorry, I even can’t call this place a airport. I see more clean AMTS – Lal Darvaja but terminal) If you have to pick the broom do so. And if you need help to clean up the airport please ask so we, NRI can come and help you to clean the Airport. Airport is the entrance for the Gujarat which you have a dream to put Gujarat – Ahmedabad in the WORLD map.

    Bhagvan Bachave from Gove. PAID Bhikhari. Good Luck Every One…

  15. I don’t think this is a big deal. I will be visting Amdavad pretty soon and I will still be ‘taxed’ even though I fill my bag with nothing by dirty underwear.

    It hurts to say but these custom officers are people with criminal mindset and letting them gain power is just as bad as employing them. All government agencies have same behaviour, we just happen to notice it and are more sensitive since this is pretty much the only government agency we deal with while visiting India. I can go on and on about various experiences but that will benefit no one. The worst incident I had involved Officers Menon, Iyer, Arora and Murari and I would suggest taking down the names and exposing these guys one by one at any possible outlet available to us.

    Good luck all!

  16. Vikram says:

    Can Anyone tell me, wht is legal limit to carry alcohol at AMD[SP airoport]??

  17. Ken Patel says:

    Wife of friend mine was harassed for jewellery’s. They decided not to use Ahmadabad airport even though they are local.

    I believe Mr. NAMO can not do too much here as airport comes under central government but with saying that he/ his government should take up a matter with higher ups. Extensively use decoy to nab those bad ones.

    Ken Patel
    San Jose

  18. Nick patel says:

    This is very bad of gujarat all the NRI face this problem,BOMBAY INTERNATION AIRPORT is most worst airport in the world(PERSONAL EXPERIENCES) ” especially when you are an “indian nri”,
    what they do is they will make u open all of the bags if u refuse them to not give bribe,so what would nri would do is just give them 40$-100$ so we they can leave,but they custom officrers all of them really don’t care about security,what they want is money ,instead of spending (wasting) time behind camera,laptop and other electronics items or liquor they really must check for security,and if they are doing that there would have not been bombay attack,akshardham attack there are somany countless attack could have been stopped.BUT I REALLY WANT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT OF GUJARAT BE THE BEST.SO ALL NRIs come and land in amdavad,gujarat,insted of going anywhere else,that why we can creat more opportunity of business in GUJ,and all gujarati feel proud of being gujarati,
    anyway i m gujarati amdavadi name is nakul patel live in california USA,imiss gujarat so much lot more good things heardabout it,THESE THING COULDN’T BE DONE WITHOUT MR “MODI”(SARDAR OF GUJARAT)

  19. vanitahndustani says:

    dear all
    my name is vanita i am stayin out of india sins 15 year now i want to setal in india gujarat
    i want to know if we want to bring our house hold and car so i want to know about how and what is duty

  20. savita says:

    hello gujarat it is good to be a indian but to be gujarati is wery good

  21. Devang Vyas says:

    Does anyone know what is the custom penalty for bringing the used laptop (worth $200) to Ahmedabad airport?
    I am not planning to take it back to US on my return trip. – Thanks

  22. SG says:

    This is a regular problem for all the airports in India. You have to prepare yourself to face this type of problems and nuisances. You should be blunt to say BIG NO to all those Lukhas and be admant and report any wrong doings to the authorities.

  23. JP says:

    Hi to all… it seems this airport is worst of its kind… Cant believe there are people inside the airport just wearing khaki clothes and call themselves cops… for me it was very inconvenient…
    we landed at the airport and there was no space to even set foot into the baggage terminal…
    it was so crowded… someone told me that we were lucky that another flight was delayed… because right around that time… there are 3 international flights that come in… i flew in Qatar airways.. the other flight that was with us was Emirates… we couldn’t even find a single cart to put our bags on… and once we had our bags… we couldn’t even move cause it was so crowded… during this time i noticed that the khaki guard was stopping every one leaving the airport and asking for money… and if they refuse he would ask other airport personal to take them to the corner and search for their bags even after they had passed all the necessary checkpoints… cant believe that Mr. Praful Patel being from Gujarat cannot even get his home state airport in proper working order and even Mr. Modi is keeping quite about this… Modi is branding Gujarat as Business Hub of India and yet the airport lacks even the basic necessity…

  24. jkshah says:

    I pased through Amdavad air port so many times but never noticed any type of harresment by custom officers.I feel like my own at this airport compare to Mumbai airport. it’s ok no facility available..what we can do???

  25. Dharmendra says:

    Let us sincerity hope that this beautiful clean new international terminal at Ahmedabad SVP airport, which just started operating from 15th sept 2010 has come with refine attitude and kind approach towards us passengers. At Mumbai since the new building came to operation the service has greatly improved and the facilities extremely excellent compare to what it was in the past. Delhi too similarly improved tremendously, I am sure Ahmedabad will follow similarly.When passing through the airport always keep low profile and keep your cool.If you look and act innocent and simple, then there is no trouble coming. We are all human and everybody likes bit of respect and politeness. I have been to India since 30 years and no trouble any time at all. Key is to keep calm ! My angry wife has got into trouble four times as she sometimes invites trouble ! ! Once I rescued her as we were travelling together this time.

  26. Raj Kumar says:

    Ahmedabad has very good potential now so should be used for passenger services wisely and not trouble innocent passengers by greedy corrupt custom officers !

  27. Devon Avenue says:

    I will never visit India again until this issue is fixed. I refuse to pay some crook $50 (thats dollars not rupees) for just standing around doing nothing. I have been hit up for bribes and most of the people I know have had bad experiences. This is the reason India will never have a tourist attraction rate such as a Mexico. India simply does not care about tourist dollars.

  28. Prashant says:

    The c.m. Mr Modi likes yes sir people. He has appointed all these type of people at all key post. Non corrupted and the people who behave as per their disignation are now no more. He is a small duplicate of Nehru or Indira. Dont expect anything from him.

  29. meenu khanna says:

    I had the same experience 2years ago at ahmedabad airport,been harresed for 2hrs after 16hrs flight from sydney to ahmedabad,for jwellery which I was carrying because having a wedding in the family ,which was given me on my wedding from my parents and they were asking for proof of that,asked to give some dollars from so called my own Indian people feel shame on our indian values I was also really angry at that time also told them off Because of their bhikari behaviour no one likes to visit our own janam bhumi.I really appeal to gujarat gov.to please save shri ghandiji’s values from this currupted people.

  30. Hi all... says:

    Please put all your comments to..”http://narendramodi.in/interaction”… and Narendra modi might have a look at least one of them.

  31. XXX says:

    Ahmadabad FPO staff head Shri. SANDEEP SINGH (AC, AIRPORt) he is also big problem for genuine persons of Gujarat. He has lot of attitude just like he is head and all are labors. Actually he just forget that he is just Government servant. Third class officer of Delhi right now in Ahmadabad.He is just playing with the business of Gujarati people.

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