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American girl falls in love with Gujarat, sings garba songs

American girl falls in love with Gujarat, sings garba songs
By our correspondent
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 25 September, 2009

When American girl Callion Shannon sings Gujarati garba, she sings it without any single mistake.

Shannon, an architecture student who stays in wall city area of Ahmedabad as a paying guest, is impressed by the Gujarati culture in general and Navratri in particular.

As Navratri festival is on, she has learnt to sing Gujarati garba song ‘Mare Todle Betho Mor’ from her Guru Jagdeep Mehta who runs Golden Cheers Orchestra and also owns Haveli in which Shannon stays.

Just in a week time, Shannon learnt the song and performed it at as many as five major Garba venues including Vibrant Gujarat Navratri Mahotsav in the city of Ahmedabad in front of lakhs of Gujarati people.

“Shannon sings Gujartai garba songs so perfectly that one can’t differentiate her from other Gujarati singers. When we announce from the stage that this song was performed by an American lady, then only the people come to know the fact and they feel surprise,” says Jagdeep Mehta, Shannnon’s Gujarati music Guru.

“I love Navratri and Garba culture of Gujarat. Singing before thousands of people is an amazing opportunity. I would like to learn more garba songs. Language is no barrier. Gujarati is sweetest language.” says Shannon.

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  1. Inquilab says:

    Spoken Gujarati is also a language closest to Sanskrit (maximum number of common vocabulary), if only people were to adopt devanagari script, it would become even closer to its original Maa. But the intent of bikaau vechaayigayela agencies like the Gujarat Samachar is to take Gujarati take as far away from Sanskrit (Maa), and push it to the enslavement of the English.

    The indifference of Hindus towards their Motherland, and their lethargy to vote is costing us dearly!

  2. Inquilab says:

    If Gujarati language truly wants to be adopted globally, then we should use sanskrit/devanagari script for its writing, this should bring unity with its sisters at the same time make it conducive for globalization. More and more people will be able to read Gujarati literature and vice-versa. To make Gujarati global friendly, देवनागरी script-करन of my mother-tongue Gujarati is long overdue.
    Come on, we can make it happen! All it should take is drawing a header line (Shirorekha) for every word, and shredding some stubbornness.

  3. smith says:

    lot of my white friends came to do garba this year and they really enjoyed it especially sanedoo and dandiyaa

  4. upendra says:

    On other opinion. Gujarati characters are unique where drawing of header line is not required. In present form Gujarati can be written and read much faster and easy. That is I think years of development have resulted in 20th century Gujarati. In our one magazine “Bhoomiputra” every isssue they publish 2 sample page without gujarati grammatical less oriented.

    When in school and college Hindi Exam papers used write first all wihtout header lines. At the end used put scarling some lines on text.
    I think Gujarati charaters should be adopted in Hindi and Sanskrit instead of devanagari script for writing.

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