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Swami Sachchidanand’s four new Audio Books – Listen online

Swami Sachchidanand’s four new Audio Books – Listen online
DeshGujarat, December, 2009

As you are aware, there are hundreds of Swami Sachchidananda speeches(Gujarati and Hindi) available in audio format for online listening as well as for download purpose on his site.

Added to this, four new Audio-Books are recently installed.

1. Guru Nahin Marga Darshak
2. Maaraa Anubhavo
3. Nar-Naaree-Naa Sambandho Ane Lagna Sansthaa
4. AAvego Ane Laagneeo

Click here to go to the Audio-Books page and then simply click “SEARCH” to go to the page that offers series of new Audio Books installed. These books are here just for online listening but will be made downloadable soon, according to Shree B J Mistry (Houston, Texas, USA Phone: 281 879 0545) of the site.

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  1. sunny (london) says:





  2. Hari says:

    Let the Gujaratis first become a world-class first-class citizens first. Then worry about the rest of the world.
    This pravachan is apt in Gujarati. Abhaar Dhanyavaad for this link.

    We still have about 15% people living in poverty in Gujarat. This is a shame.
    In a land of lions, Saints and RSS, how could poverty remain? baffles me.
    Where are the Swaminarayanis? why can’t this poverty be wiped out completely?

    ALL Gujaratis has to prove to be fit, tight belly, high powered workforce in every field so as to reveal Bharat’s superpower.
    Jay Shree Raam!

  3. Hari says:

    Why these pravachans need to be M.Imp part of our lives….
    The capitalism madness of the west exploited us to the hilt done by the Moghuls to the Brits., dragging us to the poverty in every field be it in sports, science, or business.
    Whereas it is only spirituality from Saints like Sachchidanand, that has the power to restore our riches and bring us back to the glory of a healthy economy and a all-round healthy lifestyle in harmony.
    Jay Shree Raam!

  4. Bharat Sachania London. says:

    Hon.Sachidanandji doing a wonderful and valuable job.His work not only for Gujarat or India but around the world.His speeches great and always good messeges for kids to eldest peoples.He is the national thinking aswellas spirituality. He never ever traveling to out of India just fews real saints i always proud of him, acsidenly i got chance to meet him this year march.God bless him and his job.

    Vande Gujarat Vande Mataram.

  5. very nice .lot to learn.

  6. kalpesh patel-mehsana says:

    Jay Shree Sacchidanand Swami,

    I read many of your books.Its really admiring me in my day to day life. I learn that how to live life which can helpful to other peoples n our country. Thanks a lot…

  7. chanabhai h. vadoliya says:

    sachi givan drusti mali.

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