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Finest documentary on Ahmedabad’s Utran(Video)

This is one of the finest documentaries on any festival of Ahmedabad. It is about Ahmedabad’s famous Uttarayan( Kite flying of Makarsankranti) festival. The documentary is made by Italians. They have made this film in Gujarati language with sutitles in foreign language.

Made by Italians on Ahmedabad’s Uttarayan(kite flying or Makarsankranti) festival this documentary is made in Gujarati language with subtitles in foreign language.

Kalpit Bhachech a famous photo journalist whose father Shri Shukdev Bhachech was also legendary photographer in Ahmedabad narrates his observations on Ahmedabad’s Uttarayan in this documentary. Visuals and treatments are amazing. If you are Amdavadi Kite lover, do surely watch this documentary.

DeshGujarat’s Uttarayan Coverage(links):

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Chief Minister Narendra Modi Flying Kites(Video)

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  1. Narendra says:

    The so called Swami covered blurbing meaningless twisted facts is shame for us. I dont understand why do we allow such rogues to continue between us?!!!

  2. Dharmesh says:

    I dont who all this suckers are but this is complete absurd…..I was thinking this must have been shot by non other than eroupion ….one more video for world to see poor people in bad light……….and tho the photographer is? and tho this lady with statement?
    Why dont you give some time to community and try to remove this line between poors and reach? Infect questions should be why there is a differances?

    I feel sorry for you, I was not epxecting such an absurd presentation on this great site…..

  3. Jayesh says:

    Finest documentary on Ahmedabad’s Utran(Video)? I do not agree. As I read the title, I was excited and thought, I will send link to other including some of my co-workers to show them what is Utran but mostly emphasis on poverty and rest of the time is taken away by that Swami.

  4. Nitesh Gami says:

    Religion and poor are part of our culture. The documentary is finest because very few or none documentary is available on Uttarayan anyway.

  5. Bhavesh Patel says:

    Actually the original documentary is of 4 parts. It is on youtube. Search “ahmedabad” and you will have 4 parts.

    I agree with that swami part, not a good one to represent. But documentary it self is beautiful in full extent. Some real truth and some stupid comment like cast (it is not cast is is more of Rich and poor issue for not able to get on the terrace).

    I watched the above version (small) before and did not like it and felt as it was too negative and nothing about Uttrayan and Heridity.

    Anyway 4 parts are about 30-40 minutes and good one to watch. One thing documentary does not mention is that those kids looting patang(I used to do that, not for selling though) also has fun. Many times more fun in catching that kite then flying one.

  6. Kaushik says:

    Guys, if you would like to see video on Kite Festival 2010, please follow below link:


    Please send me your feedback & suggestions if you wish.


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