Gujarat’s Narrow Gauge railway attracts English tourists

Gujarat’s Narrow Gauge railway attracts English tourists
By our correspondent
Vadodara, DeshGujarat, 22 January, 2010

About fifty English tourists selected completely different way of enjoying their travel in India. They selected to board a Narrow guage train in interior part of rural Gujarat and enjoyed their journey. For this unique experience the English tourists selected Central Gujarat’s Dabhoi town.

Dabhoi is one of the few places in India where Narrow guage railway track is still in existence and also operational. Before 150 years, during then Gaekwad rule, Dabhoi was the first Narrow guage railway junction from where 42 trains were operated in six sections( Dabhoi-Timba, Dabhoi-Miyagam Karjan, Dabhoi-Moti Kormal connecting Pratapnagar, Jambusar, Chhota Udaipur, Tanakhla, Chandod).

Though some railway tracks connecting Dabhoi railway station are converted into Broad guage, the tracks to Chandod and Miyagam are still narrow gauge, even today.

On Wednesday morning, 50 tourists from England reached Dabhoi Railway Station and boarded the Narrow guage train to reach Miyagam-Karjan.

The English tourists photographed almost each and every moment of their journey, the Railway Stations and the train. They said they had also planned to board similar Narrow gauge train on Pratapnagar-Jambusar route.

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