Gir lions relocated at Rampara vidi are doing well initially

Gir lions relocated at Rampara vidi are doing well initially
Rajkot, 5 December, 2010

Four Asiatic lions shifted from Junagadh’s Sakkarbag zoo to Rampara vidi near Wankaner are doing well, and they are continuously under observation of the forest department.

The forest department has developed Rampara vidi to relocate some of the Gir lions here in natural environment.

Three male and one female lion are presently kept at animal house under observation of experts. The lions were eventually be released in the open in two acre area with fencing.

By middle of next year, about 12 lions will be shifted to Rampara.

The idea behind this relocation project is long term preservation of Asiatic lions at two different pockets, so that suppose in one pocket(say Gir) there’s epidemic or some major natural calamity, the breed of Asiatic lions would still be able to survive in other pocket.

While Madhya Pradesh had developed such pocket in Kuno, the Gujarat govt had refused to transfer the lions there and had taken a stand to develop the other pocket suitable for lions in Gujarat only. Two places identified for this are : Rampara vidi in Rajkod district, and Bardo forest in Porbandar district. While Rampara story has started, Bardo still will take some time to happen.