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Gujarat’s per capita income Rs. 63,961, shows 16.80% rise

Gujarat’s per capita income Rs. 63,961, shows 16.80% rise
Ahmedabad, 10 March, 2011

Gujarat’s per capita income(PCI) is second highest among major states of India. As per the latest data of PCI of year 2009-10, Maharashtra recorded a PCI pf Rs/ 74,027 while Gujarat stood second with Rs. 63,961 followed by Tamil Nadu with Rs. 62,499. Gujarat’s per capita income rose by 16 per cent at Rs. 63,961 in 2009-10, as against Rs. 55,140 a year ago, a rise of 16 per cent.

The per capita income in Gujarat is higher than India’s per capita of Rs. 46,492 in 2009-10.

However if we consider all states – major and minor – it was Goa that recorded the highest per capita income among all States and Union Territories during 2009-10, while Bihar bagged the last spot, the Parliament was informed on Wednesday.

In a written reply to the Lok Sabha, Minister of State for Planning and Parliamentary Affairs Ashwini Kumar said that Goa topped the list with an annual per capita income (PCI) of Rs. 1,32,719 in the last fiscal.

It was followed by the Union Territory of Chandigarh at Rs. 1,20,912 and Delhi at Rs. 1,16,886.

In contrast, Bihar recorded the lowest PCI of Rs. 16,119 in the same period.

States such as Uttar Pradesh registered PCI of Rs. 23,132, Assam (Rs. 27,197) and Madhya Pradesh (Rs. 27,250).

The PCI data is based on the Advance Estimates of National Income released last month by the Central Statistical Office (CSO) of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

National PCI, often used to measure a country’s standard of living, increased by 14.5 per cent during 2009-10 to Rs. 46,492.

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  1. Eternal says:

    Is it possible to know what is Gujarat’s median income (and not average)?

  2. Great Gujarati says:

    Just after Maharashtra ! Great. Like that.

  3. Cool Air says:

    Maharashtra – Mumbai = Bihar | U.P.

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