There can not be two governments in one state:Narendra Modi attacks Governor-Congress ‘alliance’ in Ahmedabad maha rally(with audio)

18 important minutes of the speech in audio, please click play button

Ahmedabad, 25 September, 2011

Following are quick glimpses of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at BJP’s state-level maha rally today afternoon in Ahmedabad’s Vastral area.

“Today in this event, I can see this huge ocean of people, wherever I can see there are people and people. In Gujarat’s history this scene has been seen for the first time.”

“In six decades of Indian politics, today’s this event will be considered important event. Because this rally has become like a chargesheet against the central Government.”

“To maintain dignity of the post of Governor is our priority. In fact we kept silence since 2009 only because we respect the dignity of the post of Governor. We have swallowed difficult things to accept because we were not interested in anything other than Gujarat’s development.”

“When Manmohan Singh government was formed, these Congress men were saying loudly that Modi should be ready for exit and his government will be pulled down through 356 within 24 hours. They were threatening to send Gujarat’s elected government to home. Conspiracies were started to destabilize this government. Then Governor Pandit Naval Kishor Sharma was in Israel at that time. He was knowing about Congress’s conspiracies. He was a scholar, he was a lawyer, veteran politician and patriot. Constitution was everything for him and therefore Congress couldn’t get success in destabilizing the Gujarat government using Governor as instrument.”

“Agitated by this, the Congress men have taken over the Rajbhavan for last three years. The speech that Congress leaders deliver in Gujarat assembly, the statement that Congress netas speak in assembly, come to us after some days as written letter of Governor, with same sentence, same statement! There are hundreds of examples of conspiracies, but on the path of development, for Gujarat it has become necessary now to open the eyes of those sleeping in Delhi.”

“And this is not just the voice of Gujarat, in fact wherever there’s a government disliked by central UPA, Rajbhavans are being used in same way.”

“India has a federal structure. But the structure is facing fatal attacks, and if this continues, one can not imaging what situation will take place ultimately.”

“Governor has turned university into a den of politics. Can’t an elected government even keep a Vice Chancellor of its choice in university?”

“Whenever I go to Chief Ministers conferences, each Chief Minister raises same concern. When NDA government was there, this was not the scenario.”

“I want to tell my Congress friends that this is democracy, and they should come out from their intentions of running the govt through back door. 20 years have passed, but the people of Gujarat are not ready to place Congress in their hearts.”

“We are fighting this battle to protect constitution. Can you imagine there can be two governments running one state? ? If two governments start running one state, where will the administration go? Congress friends are conspiring to run parallel government in the state. Governor’s tours are being organized in districts, the Governor held meeting of officials in the district and starts giving direct orders which is not her power. We try to led her attention but she is too much under Congress’s pressure.”

“Democracy can not function this way and therefore for the first time in the history of India’s public life, lakhs of people are gathered on roads here against the Governor, against Rajbhavan that has been converted into Congress bhavan, against their motives to throw away the elected government.”

“They could not use 356 against us, they couldn’t win the hearts of the people, their conspiracies couldn’t bring down the elected government. Unsuccessful they are now treating Gujarat like it is an enemy nation.”

Modi asked the audience whether the central government needs to be taught a lesson? He said janshakti and lokshakti is BJP’s medium. “We will fight for Gujarat’s rights constitutionally.”

Modi said he would prefer to keep silence in this meeting over Lokayukta issue because the issue is in court.