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Gujarat HC nod for 6th pay commission benifits to fix wage employees

Ahmedabad, 20 January 2011

Gujarat High Court today directed the state government to give 6th pay commission benefits in basic pay to all government employees that are working on fix wages. The court has asked the government to make necessary changes within next one month.

There are about five lakh employees at present working in govt system in Gujarat as Vidhyasahayaks, police lokrakshaks, administrative assistants, peons, Vanpal assistants and revenue talati. As per the direction of the Gujarat High Court, they will get benefits of respective pay commission from their joining date as arrears.

Vidhyasahayaks, police lokrakshaks, administrative assistants, peons, Vanpal assistants, revenue talati get monthly Rs 5300 with increment of Rs 800 per month. Similarly teaching assistants in secondary education system get Rs 9400 with increase of Rs 4400 per month. Teaching assistants in higher education system and unarmed police sub inspectors in the state are paid Rs 10,000 per month. Sevaks, sahayaks, Van rakshan sahayaks get Rs 4500 with Rs 1000 increment.

Gujarat government has announced a decision to induct 50,000 youths in government system this year. According to state govt’s announcement, as many as 2.25 lakh youths have got jobs in last ten years in Gujarat govt.

Government employees on fix wages are on job either on 11 months contract, or on appointment for five years period.

The petition was filed by Ahmedabad-based legal rights body, Yogakshem Foundation for Human Dignity challenging the government policy of paying fixed wages when employees on fix wages have the same duty and accountability. The permanent employees get DA while those on fixed wages have to work on fixed wages for five years. The petition urged that all the fixed pay employees should get benefits available to contract labourers under the Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970, such as provident fund and medical benefits among others.

The High Court termed the government policy of such recruitment under low wages as unfair labour practice, which is exploitative in nature.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amaru budget
    income 5280
    javak monthly
    kariyanu 1500
    milk 1000
    sakbhaji 500
    gas 250
    petrol 500
    medicine 500
    children fees 500
    anya 2000
    total javak 9550
    jago sarkar jago

  2. Vidhyasahayako nu budget
    ek month ni salary 5280
    makan & up down mate 2500
    jamva mate 3000
    light bill 500
    gas 250
    dava 500
    anya 2800
    total 9550
    to amare shu karvanu ? ? ?

  3. tejas says:

    in gujarat m.p.h.w.(health worker)get only Rs.2500/- per month instead of Rs.4500/- per month or6th pay scale, they told that m.p.h.workers are 11months contract worker so they r not ableto get Rs.4500/- per month or 6thpay scale. but m.p.h.workers are also work for state govt. so why they don’t get equal right (for pay) to vidhya sahayak, lok raxak, gram mitra, can anybody solve this problem…..? Ave to apo ful salary election jitvanu che bjp k nai ?

  4. arunpatel says:

    chutani avva do pachi jo jo, full pagar malse to thik ni to pachi jeva uta teva…….. samji javanu ke aapna divaso badalavana nathi

  5. jitendra chauhan bnaskantha wav says:

    gujarat am nuber 1 ni vato kare se pan vidhaya sayak nu sosan kare bjp sarkar ne khabar nthi ke ame 50000 karmcharyo 6iye emana darek gharma 5 sbhyo se jo e bdha vote nai ape jo sarkar gai bhaio jo aa sarkar apni mag puri na kare to aa sarkar ne badali nakho

  6. Jilubhai says:

    Samanya manas jo divas 200 r. Kamai sakto hoy to. Sarkari karmchari no kayo guno se ke amne divas 200 r pan mahtanu nathi madtu.

  7. Sanjay patel says:

    modi saheb gujrat staff nurse na 11 mahina contract valo ni halat kafodi che

  8. Sanjay patel says:

    Gujrat mathi modi ne bhagado

  9. dass patel says:

    pagar vadharo nahi to kame lagi jashu na gharana na gatna

  10. ami.... says:

    are yaar samji ne aapi devu joie ketli taklif thay 6e bairi 6okra jid kare 6e emni jid paisa vagar kevirite puri karu

  11. k..bamaniya says:

    superimcourt apna dicision govt employes ke favour me do..hum ful paymentvalo se bhi jyada work karte hai..fir bhi anyay kyu…

  12. AJIT THAKOR, MPHW says:

    Mananiy suprime court tame tamaro chukado jaldi aapo, karmchario ne aa mongvari ma fix pagar ma puru thatu nathi…please

  13. AJIT THAKOR says:

    Mananiy suprim court tame jaldi tamaro chukado aapo, karmchario ne aa mongvari ma fix pagar ma puru thatu nathi…please

  14. amit bhatiya says:

    Vank aapdo j 6e kem k rajkarni o aapnne election time upar j kaik faydo kri aape etle aapde to eni garibdi gay jeva thai jai 6i pan hu to kau 6u k jo e aapnne benifits aape to pan ene vote na apay ane family manthi pan na aapva devay.

  15. prahlad says:

    manniy chif minester sir election pahela vaat mani javne moti maherbani karo

  16. vinit says:

    atyare(have) contract base per naukri karay ke nahi?

  17. vinit says:

    atyare(have) contract base per naukri karay ke nahi? pharmacist tarike 11 mahina na contract base per karay ke nahi

  18. chudasama pradip says:

    11-month wala mphw sathe mo\tho na sara sambandho hoy to j order reniview thay che.

  19. pushpa says:

    plz…..fix payment stff nurse par rahem karo…c.c.c lo or kadhi nakho…

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