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Gujarat Budget 2012-13:medical college in Himmatnagar, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic colleges in tribal belt,Cancer research center

Gandhinagar, 24 February, 2012

North Gujarat’s Himmatnagar will have a new medical college, Gujarat Finance Minister Shri Vajubhai Vala announced today in his budget speech.

Shri Vala also announced new Ayurvedic and Homeopathic colleges in tribal area.

He announced Amrutam scheme worth Rs 200 crore for free treatment to below poverty line patients of burns, neuro, cancer and cancer in limit of upto Rs 2 lakh per patient.

Shri Vala announced Rs 20 crore for expansion of Ahmedabad’s Kidney hospital.

He announced a new cancer research institute in Rajkot.

Rs 100 crore were announced for Ahmedabad civil hospital while over 40 crore were announced for a new trauma center here.

The govt will set up an independent corporation for coast effective medicines.

Loan upto Rs 50 lakh will be available to tribal MBBS doctors to set up medical facility in tribal area.

Health related important announcements are presented below in Finance minister’s own words:

A provision of ` 3060 crore for Health and Family Welfare Department.

A deadly disease affecting one member of the family often debilitates the entire family, particularly in terms of the financial expenses associated with treatment. The situation becomes all the more pathetic, if the victim is poor, and the family stands no chance to fight back. A new scheme is proposed under the name of AMRUTAM, to provide financial assistance to such BPL families for the treatment of diseases viz. cancer, kidney, neurology and burns. Provision ` 200 crore is made in order to provide such assistance within the ceiling of Rupees Two Lakhs per family.

 A provision of ` 60 crore for protecting the BPL families against malnutrition under Nutrition Mission.

 A provision of ` 421 crore for strengthening Primary and Community Health Centre and providing trained manpower.

 A provision of ` 329 crore for providing quality medical services and infrastructural facilities.

 Provision for the medical education has been increased considerably. A provision of ` 1367
crore, that includes,-

 A provision of ` 43 crore for construction of new medical college at Himatnagar in Sabarkantha district.

 New medical colleges have been started at Sola (Ahmedabad) and Gotri (Vadodara). A provision of ` 533 crore is made to provide infrastructural facilities at the abovementioned medical colleges as well as five new medical colleges to be set up at Gandhinagar, Patan, Valsad, Vadnagar and Junagadh.

 A provision of ` 75 crore for setting up two new Ayurvedic College and one Homeopathic Collage in the tribal regions.

 Ahmedabad Civil Hospital serves a large number of needy people in the State. With a view to provide the best and the modern treatment to the poorest, a provision of ` 100 crore for adding facility and improving services at the Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.

 A provision of ` 43.18 crore for Trauma Centre at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.

 A provision of ` 3 crore for establishment Cancer Research Institute at Rajkot.

 A provision of ` 9 crore to provide treatment at concessional rates for the poor and needy middle class patients at kidney, cancer and cardiology institutes.

 A provision of ` 20 crore for the expansion of the Institute of Kidney and Research Centre, Ahmedabad.

 A provision of ` 19.83 crore to strengthen the Food and Drugs Control Authority.

 The middle class and the poor find medicines very costly and many a times, there is no assurance as to the quality of medicines. With a view to provide medicines of the assured quality to the poor and the middle class, through the public health and medical services, an independent Corporation is proposed to be created. A provision of ` 2.50 crore is made for setting up the Corporation.

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  1. Gujarati says:

    Even 60 years after freedom, India’s heath services are in a bad state, particularly for the rural and tribal regions of country.

    We need a different approach now. It is fact that MBBS doctors don’t want to go and live in rural areas. Whatever health service are available there are given by Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic doctors doing Allopathic practice.

    We should learn from China in this regard. They started a diploma kind of basic allopatic course in local language for rural doctors for which they reserved seats for each rural area.
    Young people from rural areas get admission and after study they are allowed to practice only in the rural area they are coming from.

    It has been very successful and helpful for rural people in fulfilling their basic health needs.
    India should follow it and convert some of Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic colleges for that course.

  2. funny friends says:

    very good advice ,hope govt listens and follows and learn as well

  3. Eternal says:

    Chicken Gunia has emerged as common epidemic in Gujarat in recent years. Government should set up a research center to find the preventive treatment. Ideally they should come up with shots to prevent chicken gunia which could be dispensed in the months when probability of catching this virus is highest.

    Also, Malaria is common in Gujarat mainly due to poor sanitary conditions. Since Gujaratis don’t understand concept of public sanitation and it will take forever to teach them, Government should at least provide preventive shots to the public.

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