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12297 / 12298 Ahmedabad Pune tri-weekly AC Duronto express from 13 March , inaugural run on 11 March

Ahmedabad, 10 February 2012

Western Railway has announced introduction of Ahmedabad-Pune tri-weekly AC Duronto Express from 13th of March 2012. The inaugural run will take place on 11th of March 2012.

Train no 12297 Ahmedabad-Pune Duronto Express will depart from Ahmedabad at 22.30 hrs every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 13/03/2012 and reach Pune at 07hrs the next day.

Similarly, train no 12298 Pune- Ahmedabad Duronto Express will depart from Pune at 21.45hrs on every Monday, Thursday, & Saturday from 15/03/2012 and reach Ahmedabad at 06.20 hrs the next day.

The train will have I AC, II AC and III Ac coaches.

The booking of train no 12297 will open from 12/03/2012.

Ahmedabad-Pune Duronto was announced in last railway budget by then Railway minister smt Mamta Banerjee.

Duronto is non-stop service between two station. However Ahmedaba-Pune Duronto will halt at two stations(Vasai and Karjat) on Ahmedabad-Pune route, while on one station(Vasai) on Pune-Ahmedabad route, but only to change drivers. This train will cut down the total hours of rail journey between Ahmedabad and Pune.

Usually other trains take anywhere between 10 to 12 hours to travel between Pune and Ahmedabad, but Duronto will take only 8.30 hours to cover same distance.

Pune to Ahmedabad
-From Pune Junction (central railway) the train departs at 21:45
-With speed of 60 klm it arrives at Vasai road(Thane district of Maharashtra) at 00.47 next day
-Halt at Vasai road (BSR) for 8 minutes
-Departs from Vasai road at 00.55
-With the speed of 83 km the train will reach Ahmedabad junction
-The train will reach Ahmedabad at 6.20 am

Ahmedabad to Pune
-From Ahmedabad Junction (Western Railway) the train departs at 22.30
-It reaches Vasai road at 3.50 next day
-Halt at Vasai for five minutes, departure from Vasai at 3.55
-Arrival at Karjat Junction at 5.20
-Halt at Karjat for five minutes, departure from Karjat at 5.25
-Arrival at Pune Junction at 7.00 am

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  1. BHARAT BHAD says:

    This train No. 12297 ADI. PUNE DURONTO EXP. Is indeed a remarkable step taken by Indian Railway.It will be very useful to passengers. Thanks.

  2. sunny(london) says:







  3. Pradip says:

    It’s greate news !

  4. janak shah says:

    good news for people of pune as well as ahmedabad.

    a good number of maharastian live in vadodara, n many students of baroda went to pune for higher education, employment. if railways authority manage one stop at vadodara it will helpful for barodian also…

    • Depak Mehta Pune says:

      For Surat Vadodara there are many trains from Pune so no need for Fast train to stop at these stations.As durranto is point to point service only.
      Happy Journy.

  5. mash says:

    it should stop at vadodara as well..

  6. Anonymous says:

    it should stop in surat because a surat is city which comes between mumbai and ahemdabad……
    so people can manage if they come by this train……

    if u grant our request then we would highly obliged………….

  7. Evangelina says:

    There should be some train for friday night too because most of the trains going to ahmedabad run on the same days. It becomes easier to spend weekends and come back to pune.

    Hope to see some change.

  8. Suhas Shah says:

    This is a fantastic train given to us by railways. we r planning a journey via duranto to and from Ahmedabad. learned passengers pls inform as to if meals are provided on board as inquiries to this effects have not been answered by railways and if passengers who have already travelled may know about it.

    We ar efamily and would like to plan meals in advance like all true Indians and hnece would like to understand if meals r given or not since non stops trains would not like to go hungry.

    pls advice
    Thank You Railways

    • Depak Mehta Pune says:

      Dear Friend,From either sites it starts after 10pm and reaches by 7Am and hence I feel the food in train is not required as you can have your dinner and take the train and sleep,By the time you wake up you will be in your city where you can have breakfast.
      Regards,Happy journey.(I travelled twice and enjoied journey,Very neet and clean train,People should now maintain the same)

  9. Ravi.R.Gupta says:

    Happy journey ….Nice train.

  10. Depak Mehta Pune says:

    Good neat and clean train,people should now maintain the same.

    • Venkat Iyer says:

      I had travelled by this train on 17.03.2012 within a week of its introduction.It is a superb train with neat coaches(AC LHB coaches)and was very fast.It left PUNE at 21-45 hrs,reached Vasai Rd at 01-15 hrs and left at 01-20 hrs,passed Surat at 03-35 hrs,passed Vadodara at 05-20 hrs and reached Ahmedabad by 06-45 hrs.

      Similarly,on the return too,this train left Ahmedabad at 22-30 hrs,reached Vasai Rd at 03-50 hrs and left at 03-55 hrs and reached Pune at 07-40 hrs(late by 40 min).

  11. ankur mahida says:

    As many students & lots people are there in from surat & vadodara. Surat is the main station between ahmedabad & mumbai. so i think there is a need of duranto to stop at surat for only 2 mins.what is a need of duranto to stop at vasai & karjat as trains starts from pune so what is a need to change a driver?

  12. chetan tank says:

    Please give stop at surat
    So that peopl can travel and enjoy trip of this train

  13. zalak says:

    plz give me ticket price of ahmedabad to pune

  14. Dilip Desai says:

    i read all revews, best for us,from ahmedabad 1st time going..thanx.

  15. sunita dighe says:

    its a good feedback, thanks.

  16. Vikas Newase says:

    This train is very good for people who are going to pune. But it should be daily from both sides. Thanks duronto

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