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Platform number of Gujarat Mail, Karnatavi Express changed

Ahmedabad, 10 March, 2012

To accommodate new trains and proper maintenance, the railway administration has changed platforms of some major trains at Ahmedabad railway station. The change will be effective from 12 March, 2012 onwards.

Train no. 12902, Ahmedabad – Mumbai Gujarat Mail will depart from Ahmedabad railway station from platform no. 4 instead of platform no. 1.

Train no. 12901, Mumbai – Ahmedabad Gujarat Mail will arrive on platform no. 5 instead of no.1.

Train no. 12933, Mumbai – Ahmedabad Karnavati express will arrive on platform no. 6 instead of no. 4.

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    In the guise of Logistic, u can not harass a Yaatri. Be transperant, tell us what prevents u from keeping Guj Mail on Pl#1. Guj Mail is has been most respected train of western railway, carrying 1 Dn/2 Up lable, later changed to 9001/9002, and now something else. Its ticket prices for 3AC are higher than that of 3AC Duranto (Mumbai-Ahd) and hence deserves better treatment.
    I have been told by a food stall owner of Pl#4,confirmed by a TC, as under. Can u pls confirm ?


    I boarded Gujrat Mail from mumbai on 25th May, 2012 night 10pm.
    The train reached ‘Mani Nagar’ station on time, on 26th morning, but was late by 30 minutes on reaching Ahmedabad.
    It stopped for 30 minutes outside station to find a parking on platforn # 4. Mind you, platform # 1 was empty, vacant & unoccupied.
    He could have brought the train on Platform # 1, on time. But the train was taken to platform-4. The reason will surprise you.
    I was told by the stall owner on Pl# 4 that it is money. If we pay something to station master, he will bring all trains to our platform and we can do good business !!!
    Next day I got confirmation. I was on Pl # 4, which was occupied , waiting for current train to go and next train Holiday Special to come in ( It was waiting outside the Pl # 4)
    That time also 1 & 2 were vacant. I asked a team of 3 TCs waiting there. The senior bald TC said “” you are right sir, the trains are alotted to platform not as per
    logistics, nor as per passenger’s convinience, but as per relationship with us (us=rly staff like TCs & Stn master). If they (stall owners) bloody dont send chai/ coffee free to us, why should Stn master send trains to platform # 1 ??. It is Tit for Tat “”

    Sir, For a few cups of free chai/coffee, the stn master is diverting trains from platform # 1 to 4 -5 !!! This causes lot of trouble to senior citizens like me.
    Can you take up this matter ?? “


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  3. ashvin says:

    let me know 12931 mumbai-ahmedabad on which plateform arrived

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