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Mansa by-election result: Congress wins the seat with margin of 8000+ votes

Gandhinagar, 21 March 2012

Gandhinagar district’s Mansa by-election result has arrived.

Congress candidate Babusinh Thakor has been victorious with margin of 8188 votes.

The main fight in this small by-poll was between BJP candidate Shri DD Patel and Congress candidate Shri Babusinh Thakor.

The victorious candidate will be MLA for just next 8 months or so, as the general election of Gujarat assembly is scheduled to take place in December this year.

Mansa seat was occupied by the BJP since 1995, but every time the margin of victory has remained narrow.

After the death of sitting MLA Mangaldasbhai Patel of BJP, the by-election was declared.

Congress leaders were confident to win this seat with margin of 8-10000 votes.

Congress leaders are already out of control in their speeches against Modi and his government, now as Congress has won Mansa by-poll, the result could prove as whiskey and the Congress leaders might go further out of the control in their attacks.

BJP had chance to win this seat to push Congress cadre further deep into demoralization.

Mansa is located in Gandhinagar district where Congress is ruling in district Panchayat and Municipal Corporation both.

BJP’s veteran leader Mangaldas Patel could win this seat in last two terms, but with low margin. He had defeated Babusinh Rathod in last assembly election with margin of around 3,000 votes. Babusinh is Congress candidate this time against relatively newer candidate Shri DD Patel fielded by the BJP.

Who is the victorious candidate?

Babusinh Thakor is from Dholakuva(Shabdalpura) village of Mansa taluka of Gandhinagar district. He has studied BA (Psychology). He is involved in agriculture and transport profession. He is He joined Congress party in 1975 following his father. He has been President of Taluka Panchayat of Mansa, Mansa taluka Congress samiti, Vice President of Gandhinagar district Congress committee, President of Mansa taluka Kshatriya Thakor community, Chairman of Jay Thakorji cooperative credit society, Mansa, invited member of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee, member of Gandhinagar district Congress coordination committee.

So what went wrong in Mansa with the BJP ?

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  1. yusuf says:

    this is start of downfall of modi’s SARKAAR…

  2. Gujarati says:

    It is a good reality check for BJP. Gujarat Government has also ignored the anti-government sentiments of Saurashtra region (especially Mahuva Nirma case and dark-zone issue.)

    BJP needs to wake up and start working for people who are not satisfied with the government.

    If Congress wins in Gujarat, it will be a nightmare. They will turn the state upside down and all progress we have made in a decade will be ruined in months

  3. ritesh says:

    age badho congress zindabad

  4. KENT says:

    My friend GUJARATI, You are 100% right………
    If and only If CONGRESS wins in GUJARAT in next general election,. THE progress will be looted by this CONGRESS rascals and people will suffer forever…. I have seen faces of all CONGRESS party people and workers, THEY are nothing but crooks and GUNDAS , THEY will rob this wealthy GUJARAT in no time……..
    WHATEVER happened in MANSA is nothing but hired GUNDAS really spent money like anything and most people are purchased ….. COMMON indian is for sale from 1947 ….. After independence each INDIAN is for himself and do not care for the nation….. HE OR SHE can be purchased and not too many care for the nation…. I Think who says CONGRESS zindabad are nothing but slaves of this worthless family….. I KNOW the character of NEHRU family… WHO IS FATHER OF WHOM, only GOD knows….. JAY HIND….. INDIANS will become slaves again and … I hope I am not alive to see those days….. JAY HIND….

    THIS FOREIGN BORN WOMAN IS CONTROLLING YOU and NO ONE cares…. I hope and pray that she dies tomorrow….. ALL CONGRESS party connected people are nothing but DESHDHROHIS” of different kind….. JAY HIND…

  5. Patel says:

    completely agree with Kent and gujarati

  6. Hari (गामडियो) says:

    I hope BJP will wake up to this and perform tapasya in the form of working hard for antodaya. The loss of BJP was expected because at the taluka level BJP was not working hard.
    BJP in gujarat need to speak less and work hard to percolate the benefits of development to every common man by introducing clean, green, and read campaign on a much larger scale beyond the expectation of NaMo. Make it known to every citizen of how BJP is a party of difference no matter how much that may appear to be as fading due to persistent malicious campaign by the media that are on payroll of proxy rule enslavement. The credibility of BJP has taken a beating recently from the indiscipline by its politicians. Forget about winning, think of serving every common child of Bhaarat bhavaani. जय श्री राम!

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