Centre responsible for Groundnut oil price hike, says Modi

Morbi, 4 April, 2012

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi today gave away incentive prizes of Rs. 14.70 crore to 558 Samras village panchayats of the seven districts of Saurashtra and Kutch region where village body including Sarpanch has been elected unopposed. In all, the Chief Minister will distributed incentive prizes of Rs.55.62 crore to 2123 village panchayats in four different zones which were elected samras in the panchayat election of December-2011.

Chief Minister recalled that the Opposition caused uproar when he introduced the tradition of ‘samras village’ in October-2001. “The opposition described the tradition as the murder of democracy. But how can you call it a murder of democracy when, at the same time, you term the unanimous election of the President as the victory of democracy”, he questioned. But when the villages gave huge response to the concept of samras village, the Opposition also accepted the tradition, he said.

Chief Minister said the administration of as many as 290 village panchayats are in the hands of women who were selected unanimously, which is not a matter of small measure. He called upon political analysts and the well-wishers of the women empowerment to come in Gujarat to study the democratic system in the samras villages which are administered by the female sarpanchs.

Criticizing the ban on cotton export imposed by the central government the Chief Minister said that it is a crooked policy of the Centre. The Centre is only concerned with the benefits of vested interests, even though its shameless decisions ruin the farmers of this nation.

This decision of the Centre has badly affected the output of cotton seed oil producing mills. The price of groundnut oil has gone high. But the Centre is not at all ready to shed a single tear for the people who have became victims of the price rise, he said.

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