Mahesh and Naresh Kanodia rock the stage with six Gujarati film heroines (Video)

Ahmedabad, 16 May 2012

In recently held Gujarati film award function at Ahmedabad’s Jayshankar Sundari hall, Gujarati film super-star Naresh Kanodia and his brother Mahesh Kanodia rocked the stage with Gujarati film songs.

Veteran Gujarati film-star and former BJP MLA Naresh Kanodia has been awarded recently by Dada Saheb Falke academy in Mumbai, while Mahesh Kanodia, the brother of Naresh Kanodia is former member of parliament of BJP. He can sing in both male and female voices.

During their song and dance sequence, Naresh and Mahesh called all Gujarati film heroines present in the hall on stage. As many as six heroines ranging from Roma Manek to Mamta Soni responded and went to the stage to join the dance. A video of these moments is presented above.

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