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Narendra Modi inaugurates BAPS Yogiji Maharaj Hospital in Ahmedabad (photos)

Ahmedabad, 17 May 2012

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a 100-bed modern BAPS Yogiji Maharaj Hospital at Shahibaug here this evening.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Modi remembered the contribution of seers and saints of India for their selfless services to the society. He remembered the role of Pramukhswami Maharaj Yogiji in de-addiction of 40-lakh people. He wished the Hospital would work for the society with the same spirit.

The Chief Minister said that the Swamiji has imbibed the essence of Ayurveda and passed on the knowledge to his disciples. If such service institutions join government efforts the state could do wonders, he said.

He said that it was because of the advancement in medical science that the average life expectancy of mankind has increased. He desired to spread the area of influence of the medical science. He said that nursing and medical colleges have been set up in every district.

Dr. V. P. Patel said the hospital was built with the inspiration of Pramukhswami Maharaj of the Bochasanvasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha (BAPS). It has 100 doctors(15 in-house and 85 visiting doctors) and 250 para-medical staff. 1,25,000 sq ft complex also offers panchakarma and ayurved treatment services.

Prominent among those present on the occasion included Health Minister Jay Narayan Vyas, Purushottam D. Patel, Phoolchand and donors, MLA Bharat Barot.

Video of Narendra Modi’s speech

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  1. Eternal says:

    Do you need a “chitthi” to get admitted or get certain kind of bed?

  2. Good Samaritan says:

    Patient to doctor and paramedical staff ratio is excellent!

    What are the specialization/divisions in the Hospital??

  3. Gujarati says:

    100-bed hospital has 100 doctors and 250 paramedical staff ?

    It does not seem realistic! Especially when India has one of the worst doctor-to-patients ratio.


    As per the press communication in written release


    • Dr. Nikit R. Patel says:

      I worked here as a Medical Officer.& truly i can tell u all that this is not a money making machine.
      there is a good doctor-patient ratio and relationship too.
      this is an open book.,where u can go and visit and them realize that all your questions are not so good about this hospital.
      one thing more there are 100 beds.the company cost of each bed is 3.5 lakhs.,which is much more than normal becoz the beds are fully automatic with air-bed system in each.
      there are also 5 ventilator machine in ICU. the cost of each is 12.5 lakhs.
      economy bed costs to patient is only 600 per day with meal include morning breakfast,with milk, 10 am soup, 12 noon lunch, evening fruits,dinner and night milk with nursing facility.
      and only 4 beds in general ward.with cleanliness.
      better to visit the hospital and clear your doubts..
      thank you.
      jay swaminarayan

  4. KENT says:

    Mr. eternal, I like you sarcastic but realistic comment…..I try to see positive everywhere so I hope this does not become money making machine… and only “CHHITHTHI HOLDERS” are admitted….. JAY HINd,,,,

  5. Urmit says:

    Mr Eternal,

    I hope your sarcasm has gotten you far in life, I really do. You might have a hard time appreciating people or organizations for what they have done to benefit society. Obviously a cost is associated with it and hence to continue to provide the best support, fees are charged. Nowhere in the world will you find modern medical care without a charge. If this were the case, people would just live in hospitals. You might have a hard time comprehending information, so as result I will spell it out for you.

    No, a ‘chitti’ is obviously not required – a 5 year old could have told you that. Regardless, if you’re wondering about the operations, maybe you should visit or look up some of the other BAPS branched hospitals. From what I have heard, their stats speak for themselves.

    Have a greater purpose if life than to be a sarcastic individual who cares about no one but yourself. Learn to give more than you take in. :)

  6. Dr Mayur Ganatra says:

    I am very much impressed by your hospital and I am keen to work at your hospital as full time orthopaedic surgeon if vacancy exist. I have 26 years of experience I take the work with challange and believe in service to mankind.

  7. Shailesh patel london says:

    Nice hospital and good doctor and staf its realy good

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