Interesting interview of Narendra Modi in Japan(Video)

Tokyo/Ahmedabad, 23 July 2012

We have already reported in past that Japan is seeing future PM of India in Narendra Modi.

In an interview above, a foreign correspondent is found asking several questions to Modi on his possible national role in future. It is interesting to see, how Modi answers the questions on this. Sometime he avoid the question, sometime he diverts the answer, some time he replies well, but firmly with his selection of content.

When asked about criticism, Shri Modi replied that criticism is a beauty of democracy, and we must respect it. He said if there’s no criticism, democracy can not work. Modi said he always respects criticism which is an essence of democracy. He however expressed disappointment that criticism has been replaced by allegations nowadays.

When asked about chances of BJP’s victory in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Shri Modi said, “Nowadays in 2012 December, we are going for Gujarat elections. So my priority is to win the Gujarat elections. And I am sure that people of Gujarat will elect our government again and will give us responsibility. (Only then after)we will think about 2013 or 14, because it is very difficult to say whether the elections(Lok Sabha) would come in 2014 or in 2013 or in 2012 end!! This is because our central government is facing many internal problems, so I don’t know whether we will have to wait upto 2014(for national election) or not. I am confident that BJP led NDA will come to power, because the country remembers the rule of NDA under the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, inflation was in control, infrastructure was fast developing. People think that NDA government was very good government and they will bring it back.”

When asked about recent violence in Maruti Suzuki’s Haryana plant in India, Shri Modi said Haryana govt is capable to handle the issue and they will handle it.

Shri Modi said, “just now I spoke in JETRO meeting, it should not happen anywhere in the world, not in India or in Haryana or Gujarat or anywhere in world. It’s not an issue (about) where it happened. Human safety is a priority and I do feel that we are concerned about those who have lost their life, but I am sure that Haryana govt is capable to handle the issue and they will handle it.”

When asked why Gujarat model is not going national, Shri Modi said that nowadays every election is fought on development agenda all over the country, and that is Gujarat’s biggest contribution to India.

On his anti-Muslim image, Shri Modi said that there’s not one instance when he spoke against any religion, or their religious book or their prophet. He said the Indian culture doesn’t permit that.
When Shri Modi was asked again about his possible national role, he said repeatedly that in politics if and buts have no place.”I already told you that I am committed to the people of Gujarat and I have to fulfill that responsibility,” he told the foreign correspondent.

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