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Narendra Modi dedicates Khilkhilat, Amrutam, GMSC(Photos/Videos)

Gandhinagar, 4 September 2012

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi today dedicated Amrutam scheme for free treatment to poor people. He also flagged off Khilkhilat ambulances that are to be used to drop mother and new born child to their home. The Chief Minister also dedicated a newly formed Gujarat Medical Service Corporation on this occasion.

In his speech Shri Modi said that if this was not an election year, today’s this initiative could be seen as the best step in India and particularly in Gujarat.

Speaking about Amrutam scheme, Shri Modi said that this is unique new step in entire country. Using a smart card provided by the government, a poor citizen of this state will be able to access 47 hospitals of the state for treatment of serious diseases.

Speaking on launching of Gujarat Medical Services Corporation, Shri Modi said, “(Congress)people steal our ideas. There’s so much bankruptcy that they don’t get original idea. We mentioned formation of GMSC in out budget in March 2012, and today we are implementing the scheme, while they(the Congress party people in Gujarat) gave promise that they would do so(if elected to power).

Shri Modi spoke about how in past pregnant women had to struggle to reach home after delivery with a new born baby.

Shri Modi congratulated the 108 ambulance team and said that Gujarat government has given special color code to Khilkhilat vans, and even its horn doesn’t make ambulance like siren tone.

Khilkhilat ambulances are pink in color, with cartoons over its body, and funny horn that sounds like a smiling child’s voice

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  1. BAPTY.S says:


  2. maulin shah says:

    atyaar sudhi 108 ma potanu naam chalava vala modi have aa navu kharcha karva mate ane naam kamava mate aava binjaruriya vastu ni jaheraat kari, 108 congress ni bhet che.

    • Dharmesh says:

      @Mr Maulin, congress ruled states dose not have 108 facility, and according to you congress center government has some special love to gujarat and gifted 108.. ha ha.. what rubbish. juthu bolvani pan koi had hoi bhai… i my self living in Maharastra where Congress is ruling since last 10 years and dose not have 108 facility… i know you are congress employed pig who running anti-modi campaign on Facebook. give me answer of one question Why on the Ambulance of 108 “Gujarat Government” is written instead “Indian Government” if it is provided by central government?

    • KENT says:

      @ maulin shah, mane aevu lage chee ke tame SONIA na koi saga lago cho…. TAMARA jeva na karane desh maa pardesh halkat stri raj kare chee…,. Tamaru magaj haji gulam chee ane raheshe…. HUN tamarajevane dhdhikaru chun….. JAY HIND..

  3. Patel says:

    @Mr Maulin
    I agree congress start 108 but total number of vehicle was below 60 and now total number is above 500 which make it successful. Always try to know the facts before putting allegation.
    Every body don’t have vehicle to go home from hospital, government is helping such individual to go home, so I know you might not need it but there are people in Gujarat who need this, so don’t call this “kharcha”, this project is requirement for poor people.

  4. upen says:

    @ maulin ketala rupees congress paase thi lidha chhe?????
    congress ruling ketala state ma 108 chhe?????
    108 na naame ketala awards chhe?????
    you have any idea or knowledge?????
    tamara jeva loko ne lidhe congress se desh nu satyanaas karelu chhe…
    desh ne vadhare barbad na karo…
    tamara jeva deshdrohi,swarthi,lalchoo loko pan javabdar chhe…
    one and only…Narendra…Narendra…Narendra…
    now nation need narendra…

  5. Kashyap vaya says:

    Dhir che modi , vir che modi,surveer che modi, desh na khune khune lok priya che modi.
    I think this KHIL KHILAT ambulance is one of the best project put by modi saheb for pragnet woman…… Salute modi……

  6. coolmahesh says:

    Hi, I have heard a lot about this 108 service is in Gujarat. Does any one have personal experience of using it, how quick is the service and is it available in each and every corner of Gujarat.
    Is it comparable with the 911 service in USA ?

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