“Unlike Mumbai, Gujarat will not lose its flavour due to development” (Video)

Ahmedabad, 24 September 2012

Paresh Rawal has a special love for Gujarat, and it has been known to the people of Gujarat and Bollywood very well.

While speaking in a press conference in Amdavad today, Akshay Kumar made special reference to this. He told journalists to ask questions to Paresh in Gujarati, “because Parsh loves Gujarat”.

“We were sitting in the plane and Paresh looked down and said arre mera Gujarat aa gayaa, that’s how Paresh screamed,” Akshay said.

When asked about Gujarat and Ahmedabad, Paresh said, “Gujarat is very close to my heart and Ahmedabad has witnessed development recently which is good, but Gujarat has maintained its original color. Otherwise in Mumbai, development has resulted in chaos. Wherever there are Gujaratis they maintain their flavor. Gujarat will not lose its flavor due to development.”

Paresh however expressed disappointment over the fact that his native village in the state didn’t offer the same locally made food as it did in yesteryears and nowadays ready-made toasts were available there too.

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