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Haren Pandya’s widow to contest on GPP ticket

Ahmedabad, 29 November 2012

Late minister of state for Home Shri Haren Pandya’s widow Jagruti Pandya will contest Gujarat elections on Gujarat Parivartan Party’s ticket from her late husband’s Ellis bridge constituency. She said she never got justice from BJP and the party never sympathized with her. She said in coming days, she will tell people all reasons why her husband was killed, but she will not point fingers now.

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  1. Gujju by Heart says:

    As expected .

    GPP should give ticket to Sanjiv Bhatt, Teesta, MAhesh Bhatt, etc.

    Congress should give ticket to Sohrabuddin’s wife, kasab’s mother, etc.

    • KANT says:

      I love your sarcastic BUT realistic COMMENT…. THIS is a character of CONGRESS and GPP party…. GET power at any cost to rob,loot,fool people…. THE way congress party has done .

  2. Amit Dhorajiwalla says:

    ‘BJP never sympathised with her…?’ How can she say that? There was all sympathy for the family after the killing of Haren Pandya, which has now vanished due to the attitude of this widow.

    • Jadu says:

      More questionable is what does she expect as a sympathy? Should BJP make her chief minister to show sympathy? She is helping anti-national forces by confusing people about the real murderers of his husbands.

  3. KANT says:

    THIS is our problem…. SYMPATHY votes will not get her ELECTED…. THOSE days are gone that this kind of POLITICS would get you ELECTED….

    IF I LIVE in that area and I have to VOTE I will not VOTE for HER…SHE has MY sympathy…
    THIS GPP will not be found after election…. THIS IS NOTHING BUT DIVIDE and RULE policy from CONGRESS Party…. JAY HIND…..

    I will continue remind BJP is not perfect but 10000 times better than all other PARTIES….
    IF and big IF these CONGRESS or GPP comes in power GUJARAT will become RAJSTHAN or MAHARASHTRA….so all GUJARTIS be care ful and tell all the people of GUJARAT …..THINK before you VOTE…. I tell ten people to tell ten more people NOT TO VOTE for CONGRESS or GPP….. CONGRESS party has purchased MEDIA, HIRED GUNDAS and tremendous WEALTH of BLACK MONEY/…… THEY will try very hard to BUY election…. I KNOW CONGRESS Party people too well.

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