Modi’s address to 53 3D rallies(Video)

Ahmedabad, 11 December 2012

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi on Monday addressed people across 53 places of Gujarat through 3D projection technology.

Here are the highlights of Shri Modi’s speech to people across 53 places.

Shri Modi on BJP prospects in the 2012 Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections:

“Tomorrow campaigning will stop in Saurashtra and South Gujarat. I have covered all parts of Gujarat. Interacted with people in 3D too.I am thankful & proud of the fact that these polls are being fought by every Gujarati. I can see a BJP storm in these elections! Difficult for the Congress to survive in these elections!”

Reason for Congress’ historic defeat:

“People angry because Congress has only indulged in negative politics. They have opposed everything, defamed Gujarat in the eyes of the world!”

“Those who do not know how many districts are there in Gujarat, these leaders are coming to Gujarat. Election tourism is going on in the Congress”

“If Congress thinks public memory is short they are mistaken. Those times have gone. People know everything.”

“People will vote & give an answer to your lies. Atleast enter the filed with true facts.”

“It is very sad that the Prime Minister came, Madam Sonia ji came and they too used language that hurts people of Gujarat! I thought they would deliever a positive talk on what Delhi can do for Gujarat, but sadly even the nation’s PM was not above votebank politics!”

“Mrs. Sonia Gandhi does not know the nation’s history, Gujarat’s history or Gujarat’s geography.She said 57 Talukas of Gujarat are in Dark Zones. Does not she know that all dark zones are removed? This is due to our advances in irrigation. Your own Govt noted rise in Gujarat’s water table from 3m to 13. Dark zones are removed because we have conserved every drop of water.”

“What is Congress’ vision for Gujarat’s future? What is their Government doing for Gujarat? They are not talking of this. Everyday their work is to create a false image of Gujarat.”

“Hearing the PM speak of majority-minority makes every Gujarati feel sad. This politics ruined the nation. Let us talk of development. Compete on the issue of development but you lack the courage to do that.”

“Mrs. Sonia Gandhi said there’s no development in Gujarat. But PM said yes there’s development here, but due to Central Government in Delhi, see these contradictions.”

“The Union Urban Development Minister said they never promised ‘Ghar nu Ghar’. They have yet not win & have started cheating!”

“Sheila Dixit herself said BJP wins in Gujarat due to development, but when she came here she said there is no development.”

“Congress is not interested in Gujarat’s development. Soniaji said Congress is Seva Bhavi party- its a Meva Bhavi party. There is no trait of Seva in the Congress.”

“Mrs. Sonia Gandhi said farmers do not get power in Gujarat. During Congress rule here people didn’t get power while eating, students could not even study. Three Months back nineteen states, 60 crore people were in darkness. And that time Gujarat had uninterrupted power, world noted it. They can ask their Government, who has won maximum awards for power sector? Most have been won by Gujarat.”

“PM said Gujarat is unsafe! He should remember that when Congress was in power, there were frequent disturbances all over the state. Half of Gujarat used to be forced to live under curfew. Parents didn’t know if their child would come home in the evening.”

“If there is one state moving on path of peace, unity, brotherhood it is Gujarat. And then they(the Congress leaders) bring votebank politics.”

“Think many times before defaming Gujarat. Pradhan Mantri ji your Govt has left no stone unturned to defame Gujarat.”

“Enrollment rates were low & drop out rates were very high in Congress times. Their own Government says -Gujarat has most improvement in primary education. And they talk of education here but you give money to all states but we don’t get a penny.”

“Since I was a child I used to read Gogha-Dahej ferry service would come but nothing happened. Work is on at quick pace now!”

“In Bhavnagar they spread lies on Kalpasar. First answer on Narmada –the Shilanyas of the project was by done Nehru but for 26 years nothing happened!For 9 years nothing happened under Mrs. Indira Gandhi. A Rs. 6000 crore project became worth Rs. 56,000 crore. Pradhan Mantri ji answer why is your Government obstructing the putting of gates on Narmada?If there is someone who will bring Kalpasar it is us”

The Chief Minster exposed the double standards of the Congress on several other issues such as the UPA’s decision to enforce a cotton export ban, the lies by the UPA on Gauchar lands and the development of Gujarat’s coasts over the last 11 years.

Shri Modi also spoke about the qualitative different Sakhi Mandals have made in the lives of women and the 108 ambulance services.

He made a strong appeal to the voters to elect the BJP in the upcoming elections. The 3D interaction generated a phenomenal response across all the venues. A large number of people came to the venues to extend their support to Shri Modi and the BJP.

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