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LK Advani speaks briefly to media persons in Amdavad(Video)

Ahmedabad, 17 December 2012

Gujarat BJP MP and former Deputy Prime Minister of India Shri LK Advani today spoke to media persons after casting his vote in Amdavad’s Shahpur area. Advani was in city to vote for Gujarat assembly elections.

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  1. Sardar Aima says:

    Why does then UPA invite Pakistani leaders?
    By Pioneer.
    It is shocking that senior Government functionaries of Pakistan should come to India only to add insult to our injury, and then get away with their disgraceful act. One of the first statements which that country’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik made on arriving in India on his three-day visit beginning Friday is that Kargil martyr Captain Saurabh Kalia could have died due to inclement weather. Pakistan handed over Captain Kalia’s mutilated body which bore marks of extensive torture. Did bad weather inflict the tortures and the mutilation, as Mr Malik seems to suggest? The Pakistani Interior Minister’s refusal to even admit the possibility that Captain Kalia may have become a victim of brutality at the hands of his Army’s personnel during the war fits in perfectly with Islamabad’s stated position of denial. In fact, some elements there had even been so brazen as to claim that Captain Kalia’s body may have been mutilated by the Indian forces to bring a bad name to the Pakistani Army! Mr Malik does not appear to be in the least bit concerned with the sensitivity of the case. The best that he could have done is to assure an inquiry into the episode. At the very least he could have skirted the matter on the pretext that he did not have details of the case. Yet, after heaping such insult to the memory of a brave soldier, Mr Malik has had the temerity to desire an audience with the parents of the soldier. The reaction of the Government of India has been, as expected, one of near submission. Neither the Union Ministry of External Affairs nor the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (on whose invite Mr Malik is in India) nor the Union Ministry of Defence has responded to the Interior Minister’s outrageous comment. But then, what more could have been expected of a Government which has shown such shameful laxity over the years in pursuing the case that Captain Kalia’s father had to approach the Supreme Court for justice? Perhaps Pakistan’s callousness is driven by New Delhi’s own pusillanimity in raising the issue with Islamabad. India has not once effectively taken up the matter that international norms were flouted by Pakistan’s Army when it subjected Captain Kalia to torture in captivity.

  2. nitesh7 says:

    MALIK is son of Barber. Can no expect any good.

  3. Jagdish Garara Patel says:

    The paki was invited to campaign in gujarat for Gujarat congress to consolidate the minority vote by raising the masjid issue

    • VINOO says:

      The comment of Jagdish seems to have some weight. It is possible (?) that son of Sonia Gandhi and the son of president Zardari will campain together in 2014 Loksabha poll to appease indian muslims.But, Indian muslims are wise enough to understand the dirty tricks of congress.

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