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Read the notice to Teesta Setalvad by Gulbarg Society members and application to Police Commissioner

Ahmedabad, 28 February, 2013

The residents of Gulbarg society, on Wednesday slapped a legal notice to controversial foreign funded NGO operator Teesta Setalvad seeking the money Teesta had allegedly collected through donations for a museum on the society premises. The residents have warned legal actions against Teesta if details of the money is not provided and explanation is not received on why she had not distributed it among the residents who survived the 2002 massacre.

When an English newspaper published from Ahmedabad contacted Teesta, she said she hadn’t received the notice and she didn’t want to comment on the issue.

Last week the residents had submitted an application before the Commissioner of Polices demanding police protection and for a ban on Teesta’s NGO and activists entering the society on February 28.

Read on the legal notice above and application to Police Commissioner below.

Also read Rajya Sabha MP Parshottam Rupala’s letter on misuse of FCRA permission by Teesta Setalvad’s NGO:

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  1. Amit Karia says:

    Finally Sense prevails, There is no bigger crime than looting money in name of communilism . I hope People like Teesta Anand,Javed anand,Mukul sinha,Mallika Sarabhai stop fooling people around and actually start working for walfare of people.. Great thing Mr.Modi has done is he has not responded to single charge levelled by this street fighters who have no ethics and morality

  2. db says:

    nice information. looks now people are getting more aware and got united in positive direction.
    i am sure if we move in this direction then this kind of ngo or other international human right can not get their bread butter in name of 2002 riots.

    i wish all the people of gulbarg will have better life and home. (we all united can make that possible)

  3. Arun Madhav says:

    Nice slap to the so called activist.

  4. pb says:

    so the legal document has “fade up” and not “fed up”?? who is the lawyer?

  5. H M Suthar says:

    The facts are gradually coming out in public domain. It is time for the dirty tricksters politicians and the columnists to read the writing on the wall. untruth does not remained concealed under the carpet for all the time to come. may god help all these dirtiies.

  6. jai says:

    Finally people have understood the intentions of Madam Teesta…… Hope now she wont have the courage to face the public and level more allegations and exploit the poor members of the society…..

  7. upen says:

    teesta is a puppet of chor congress…and mis guiding the innocent people in Gujarat…
    why teesta don’t fight & going to kashmir for human rights…why?????

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