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The claim Mr.Modi never made, and nonsense surrounding it

Ahmedabad, 26 June 2013

It was the Times of India story that said Modi rescued 15,000 Gujaratis stranded in Uttarakhand. Modi was not quoted as saying this. This was Times of India journalist’s independent assessment. The news report described Modi as Rambo in its headline. Modi himself had not claimed he acted like Rambo.

But then came our Modified Congress politicians and manipulated media. They -the super spin doctors – started shouting that Mr. Modi claimed he rescued 15,000 Gujaratis in calamity-hit Uttarakhand like Rambo. Look at the video(below) featuring Union Information and Broadcasting minister Manish Tiwary. He first gives a reference of a news item, that claimed Modi saved 15,000 people, but in same breath Mr. Tiwary then said that Modi praised himself and claimed he rescued 15,000! Is Manish Tiwari an Information minister or Misinformation minister? Yesterday at Gujarat Congress headquarters senior Sonia/Rahul loyalist Shri Motilal Vora attacked Modi over same ‘claim’ of rescue! Why any journalist didn’t ask that when Mr. Modi said he rescued 15,000 Gujaratis in Uttarahkand, and when Mr. Modi said that he acted like Rambo?

And look at this news channel video. The story in the video is about Congress leader Satyavrat Chaturvedi attacking Modi for same claim described above(that Modi actually never made). Forget the Congress leader, the anchor and reporter too jump-in and say that Modi claimed he rescued 15,000 Gujaratis! Just listen to their commentary! How falsehood is spread and how manipulations and spins do work in TV media! Can this anchor, reporter explain, when did Mr. Modi claim he rescued 15,000? What nonsense is going on here? And this was not one TV channel! Almost all news channels were making references to the issue involving ‘rescue of 15000 people’ in similar fashion!

And then there were tonnes of other statements, remarks, opinions, and TV discussions around the claim that Modi hadn’t made. Every Congress leader shouting and smiling and ridiculing the claim that Modi had not made! DeshGujarat receives all statements issued by the Gujarat government.During Modi’s visit to Uttarakhand, no claim on rescue was made and communicated officially! No such TV byte was given by Modi himself, or others. The Gujarat government issued a press release couple of days after Mr. Modi’s visit and declared that 6,000 Gujaratis were back from Uttarakhand, 2,500 were in process, and 100 were contacted! This was Gujarat government’s claim. It has not been discussed or mentioned in any discussion at all!

As Gujarat government was not permitted to carry out its own rescue operation, the role was only about coordinating with the local government and armed forces so far as the rescue part was concerned. Then the major job for the Gujarat government was to connect rescued people to their relatives and native places. Many pilgrims had no money left, some of them had lost their luggage, some had no medicines left, some were not able to hire any guest house. Some had no knowledge or idea about how they could travel back to Gujarat! As the armed forces had rescued women and ailing people first, some women were waiting for their husbands or sons to be rescued and come to Dehradoon, and they needed shelter. Some needed medical attention. Missing persons reported to the state government’s control room had to be traced! These all post-rescue tasks were performed by the Gujarat government team under the guidance of Mr. Modi. And the team is active even now. There are three major tasks involved during and after calamity; relief, rescue and rehabilitation. The state government had limited role to play in rescue part. But there was major scope to play some role in relief part. And the job is well done.

Modi for only Gujaratis!

Then the Shiv Sena joined the band wagon. In Samna editorial there was a remark that Modi is a national leader and he should focus on helping not only Gujaratis but also the people of other states during national calamity. We suggest Shiv Sena people to start reading Mediacrooks, and a book published by Mediacrooks. Under the impression created by spin doctors of mainstream media, Shiv Sena friends too started believing that national leader Modi was in Uttarakhand only to rescue Gujarati people!

Let’s see how this engineered perception was bogus.

Presented below was Modi’s first conversation with TV media after arrival at Uttarakhand. He clearly says that the planes to Ahmedabad shall also provide service to those who want to go to further south or to Rajasthan from there(from Ahmedabad). Listen to it carefully. No need to clarify that Shiv Sena’s home state Maharashtra is located at southern side of Gujarat.

Now watch this video that features Shri Narendra Modi’s visit to Shantikunj complex of Gayatri Pariwar where Gujarat and other state governments have opened help camp for calamity-hit people. Watch the video from 1.20 minute mark. Shri Modi said, “Shantikunj is the place where We have opened a center here to help all pilgrims whether they are from Gujarat or from outside Gujarat. We have appointed IAS officers here for that.” Also watch Modi’s address to Shanti Kunj from 5.20 minute onwards. Modi’s speech is entirely about Gujarat’s intention to help calamity-hit Uttarakhand.

Modi’s last media interaction in Uttarakhand was about Gujarat government’s intention to develop Kedarnath mandir campus(excluding the mandir itself). It was not about Gujarat or Gujaratis, but about a place that has been a centre of faith for crores of Hindus of this country.We have the details of Chief Minister Shri Modi’s meeting with Uttarahkand counterpart Mr. Vijay Bahuguna. The content of Mr. Modi’s meeting with Uttarakhand Chief Minister was not just about Gujaratis stranded there. The meeting was about overall rescue, relief and rehabilitation scenario.

After his Uttarakhand visit, addressing a youth gathering in Gandhinagar, Shri Modi appealed people to donate family kits for rehabilitation task in Uttarakhand. Collectors are asked to collect the donations. A special relief train will travel to Uttarakhand with this material. Is it about Gujaratis?

As he is the Chief Minister of Gujarat, it was obvious that people of Gujarat stranded in Uttarakhand received maximum benefit of him and his team, but to say that only Gujaratis were picked and helped is utter nonsense.

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  1. shilpy says:

    why did it take deshgujarat so long to speak about 15,000? you have got to keep pace witht the crooks. it is election season.

    • nimnam says:

      bcoz in politics you have to let the dogs bark first
      let the barking becomes so big so that they become laughing stock
      in future, and anyways – modi gets the publicity he needs

      this kind of canard really helps modi

  2. san says:

    -Remeber St.Kitts fiasco?
    -It was one of the journalist from probably the same news-print media who with the help of some congis went about and opened an account in Swiss bank in the name of Mr.V.P.Singh’s son.
    -Later it was discovered to be a futile exercise by congis to save Rajiv Gandi.
    -This is similar to that exercise to defame Modi.

  3. One Gujju Bharti says:

    Shame on you The Times of India.
    I an very des appointed in you,how can people trust on any things ?

  4. Nilesh says:

    Many thanks for publishing the correct information. The rambo act piece always smelt sour to me. This is a very good example of how certain media is doing disservice.

  5. bk says:

    JP, this is an excellent piece.

  6. Bapty.s says:




  7. san says:

    -There is also an article in the TOI by a congress leader Handique’s son in law Abheek Barman today.
    -Read it and then should be countered by BJP’s spokespersons like Rajiv P. Rudy or Ms.Meenakshi Lekhi or some other than those coming in electronic media debates like BJP’s J.N.Vyas or Chandan Mitra. These people can’t counter the anchor’s or congi’s onslaught.
    -BJP spokepersons should be ready not only to counter and defend, but also to attack and offend the congis.

    • Amit Karia says:

      @San , BJP Spokes person are much more logical and strong than Congress Spokie and take them head on any day but the moment they start speaking Jurnos like Arnab,Rajdeep,Barkha,Nidhi,Rahul and others stops them and starts defending congress.

  8. Amit Dhorajiwalla says:

    This shows how congi media is spreading misinformation. And for ShivSena to take this in shows the success of it. Congis and supporters are trying everythig in their power to discredit Modi. There are some so called false journalist who would have lost the right to live after the next election, and election that will also be controlled by Election Commissiona ndits colonising tool , the EVms.

  9. san says:

    -When Modi can be called ‘Feku’, why not name ‘Doggy’ for Diggy and ‘Kapti’ for Kapil and ‘Bhopu’ for M.Tiwary and ‘Paltu’ for …

  10. Rohit says:

    95% of politicians and media in these countries are corrupt including those in BJP and ShivSena. Modi is fear to them all. Modi is double dhamaka for media, on one hand they are paid by Congress to target him and on the other hand Modi also gets them audience and TRP. That’s why for example Arnab despite knowing that it was his TOI which carried news item did held newshour debate on this and started shouting that Modi is doing publicity by saying he rescued 15000 people. He knows facts, but he needs to fill newshour time and who better than Modi when nothing else masala available? Problem is some of BJP spookies are also weak like chandan Mitra or Nirmala Sitaraman, no doubt they are well meaning but they are not good debater. So show goes on. On the other hand ShivSena seems to have some congressi within like sanjay raut their spookies or perhaps it is right from top because dont forget Thackreys are also billionaires and industrialists. BJP need strong and logical debaters who can shut propoganda I think people like Devang Nanavati, Piyush Goyal etc. are good and should be used more. They should also use people like asifa khan and zafar sareshwala (though he is not politician) more.

  11. RJ says:

    • Utrakand in trouble.
    • Modi went there for call of duty and humanity.
    • RG in “text heaven” country.
    • ToI made fake hype “15000″ and “Rembo” to keep busy people.
    • Indian rupees going down and down.

    Is there any connection between text ‘heaven country’ to ’15000 and Rembo’ to ‘Indian rupees going down’?

  12. RJ says:

    • Utrakand in trouble.
    • Modi went there for call of duty and humanity.
    • RG in “tax heaven” country.
    • ToI made fake hype “15000″ and “Rembo” to keep busy people.
    • Indian rupees going down and down.

    Is there any connection between ‘tax heaven country’ to ’15000 and Rembo’ to ‘Indian rupees going down’?

  13. parmar jitendra says:

    Times Of India local reporter Mr. Ajay Umat is fanning the exagarated story and news about Mr. Modi.

    Take a today Case about another hype reporting under title MODI IN HUDDLE,OVER LEGAL HUDDLE.

    Very very irresponsible reporting by Mr. Umat.

    Systematic crusade against Mr. Modi.

  14. KANT says:

    Here we go again….
    TIMES OF INDIA is controlled by BRITISH company and they have no INTEREST in talking anything POSITIVE…. THEIR job is to keep INDIANS divided enough to make them FOOLS….

    ALL NEWS CHANNELS are the same way…. FOLL people as much as they can…JAY HIND….

    I am not negative but I see as is…. THERE is a big international conspiracy to to keep INDIA weak…. THINK…. I know I am right….

  15. Gokaji says:

    There is no doubt that the congis(state and central) govt is totally fail to fight and manage tha natural tsunami.the government is failed to provide , food water medicine security , road accsess ,and the most imp ,to give consolation and faith to victims. While mr modi re he’d to u.khand the victims were powered and hopefull for beter relief.looking these change in local people and victims fullish dhongi congis in Delhi showed their asali colour,and their media manager has played flute and bugles sitting on dead bodies. shame on this.

  16. Narendra Solanki says:

    Hi Japan ,

    This article has come at right time and can see it being circulated as a reference on Social Media. And it is a hit !! Please , if possible share how many hits carried out on this page.


  17. makrand masrani says:

    if bjp doesn’t learn to manage media such misinformation campaigns will eventually succeed. i really don’t know whether mr modi can change the grim future of this country but at present he is the best bet. there is a concerted effort in media to run him down at every opportunity . especially times of india is going out of its way to pull him down in print & rajdeep sardesai on cnn ibn is especially partisan.the spokespersons of bjp are really not upto the mark. why none of them clarified about the help actually provided by guj govt to people at dehradun as explained in above article?? werent they well informed about this ?? they should have been…

  18. One Gujju Bharti says:

    Duse any one know what to with those media how are against Nation and traitor of nation.
    And all how are in UPA all together are trailers.
    People’s of nation should create Tsunami to wipe out of this earth.They will never Chang.

  19. Chetan S says:

    After grand photo-op, Congress trucks for Uttarakhand stall:
    Rishikesh: On Monday morning, in a well-orchestrated photo-op, Congress President Sonia Gandhi flagged off over 100 trucks loaded with food supplies, medicines and other materials meant for Uttarakhand, where thousands of people were stranded in flash floods.

    Three days later, the trucks are parked at Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. They remain fully loaded.

    Congress leaders admitted they had no idea of where the trucks were. “I don’t have any information but I know there are youth Congress members in Rudraprayag. Thanks for this information, I am not coordinating but will pass this on to those members,” said party spokesperson Sandeep Dikshit.

    The drivers allegedly said that after reaching the state capital of Dehradun, they were asked to drive higher in the mountains to an area named Srinagar.

    But they are stranded en route with fuel running out. The drivers say nobody from the
    party or the government has contacted them with either assistance or directions. They claim they have no money to pay for meals or fuel. “Should we start selling these items, then,” asked one of them.

    The enormity of both the disaster and the military’s rescue operation in Uttarakhand has not inhibited parties from searching for political advantage.

    The trucks were sent by the Congress after a newspaper report said BJP leader Narendra Modi had pulled “a Rambo act” by flying into Uttarakhand with bureaucrats and evacuating 15,000 tourists from Gujarat, a report the BJP has dismissed as exaggerated.

    Mr Gandhi arrived in Uttarakhand on Monday even as Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said that visits by VVIPs distract attention from rescue operations. The Congress has said that Mr Gandhi is present “as a citizen” and is not using state resources to travel to different parts of Uttarakhand.
    You can visit the article on http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/after-grand-photo-op-congress-trucks-for-uttarakhand-stall-384419

  20. Eternal says:

    It is so ridiculous how first of all Times of India made up story that Modi rescued 15,000 Gujaratis and then same newspaper published blogs from people like Abheek Burman who allege that this story was planted.

    Now if this story was truly planted, then why would Mr. Burman not question ToI but use same channel to blame Modi? Such acts of outright hypocrisy of media are only strengthening resolve of Modi supporters to fight for him tooth and nail.

    On a different note, it will help readers if DeshGujarat publishes how many Gujaratis are brought back to Gujarat through flight arranged by Gov of Guj.

  21. Sriramakrishna Turaga says:

    Can you please put the video links again I really want to watch them, some how I could not open any of the video references that are mentioned

  22. harish says:

    Can anyone takes this fake story to the very hon markandeya katju


    Depending on available resources, the Home-Buiding-Kit may contain some/all/more of the following:

    1 Tent or folding house with bamboos
    1 Sleeping bag
    2 Buckets for water storage
    1 Portable toilet or toilet bowl
    3-4 Dishes,
    1 Pressure cooker
    2-3 pots and pan
    3-4 Glasses
    3-4 Cups and Saucer
    3-4Spoons, 2 Small Knives
    2 pair Clothes,
    2 Towels

    Some Groceries, Salt (if possible other spices as well) but salt is necessary to maintain bodily fluid.


    It would also be great if one can pack them all and move around with less weight. If one learn to stay with mother nature, no need to believe in currencies! Mother nature provides support as a land, air, water, and food free of cost. It is human who want to capitalize on others’ work and effort make life difficult.

    May God bless righteous if not All!

  24. babloo says:

    At least now the Gujarat govt should sure Times of India for publishing bogus and slanderous news.

  25. babloo says:

    Sorry I meant “sue” in a court not “sure”.

  26. Mamta says:

    why you guys show zero tolerance for criticism of BJP/ Modi?? If what is written here is true why the hell the BJP netas kept their mouth sealed and did not react when media was making all this fake claims or they were just enjoying free praise. Now when the reality has unleashed then you are realizing that Modi never said this or that. I mean there is height of blindly following a man or a party. congress is corrupt but making a god out of Modi is too much. Be realistic.

    • babloo says:

      Wah re Wah – for last 11 years you psecs have been cursing/abusing/criticizing/slandering/spitting on Modi, and everyone else is just supposed to watch the tamasha. No other leader in the history of independent India has faced so much abuse and false allegations.

      AND NOW YOU ARE accusing other of being intolerant!!

      The only reason that people were in shock is because this was a new crooked tactic by the Congressi haraamis. To pretend to “praise” and make outlandish praise and then expect supporters to not get affected by dishonest “praise”.

      do not worry – we will become stronger next time and figure out how to handle this new crooked tactic. In any case who will believe a reporter whose last name sounds like “Sandaas”!

  27. NRIPATEL says:

    Boycott TOI. They will learn when it hits the bottom line. MONE.

    • KANT says:

      @ NRIPATEL, I agree with you wholeheartedly….BUT we stupid INDIANS will not understand the concept of boycotting…. WE are made to get DIVIDED so this FOREIGN born can rule us…

      MOST LITERATE IDIOTS of nation do not understand that there is a big CONSPIRACY to FOOL,ROB,LOOT us…. INDIANS are used in the WORLD and also ABUSED…. NO OFFENSE , JAY HIND…

  28. सुधीर काळे says:

    ‘सत्य’व्रत चतुर्वेदीजीका नाम बदलनेका समय आ गया है ऐसा लगता है!

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