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CM inaugurates Chartered Accountants Students’ National Convention(video)

Ahmedabad, 29 June 2013

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today called upon the chartered accountants to make Indian social and economic conditions stronger with the help of their professional skill. He also asked them to free India from the malaise of black money.

Inaugurating the Chartered Accountants Students National Convention here to mark the golden jubilee of Ahmedabad chapter of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), he said that CA is one professional who has to keep awake even if others sleep. His responsibility is no less than that of a doctor. He exhorted youth to dream to be able to do something.

Talking about Gujarat’s march to development, Mr. Modi said that balance sheet of a nation or a state is important, and so also that of five-star activists and non-government organizations auditing.

While the Centre spends 67 percent of government expenditure on non-development heads, Mr. Modi said, Gujarat spends 67 per cent on development works. He wondered as to how India could remove hunger and unemployment with just 33 per cent of the allocations.

He said there is need for social audit too, just like auditing corporate sector’s balance sheet. The auditing system has opened up the doors of Gujarat-based Forensic Science University for forensic auditing.

Gujarat’s development expenditure from 1960 to 2000 was Rs.55,000-crore, while that during the last ten years is Rs.1.75-lakh-crore. Gujarat’s plan allocation during the previous eleven Five-Year Plans was Rs.2.30-lakh-crore, while that in 12th Five-Year Plan alone is Rs.2.51-lakh-crore.

Those present on the occasion included ICAI President Subodh Kumar Agrawal, Ahmedabad chapter chairman Purushottam Khandelwal, and other office-bearers.

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  1. upen says:

    excellent speech by Modiji…
    excellent job by Chartered Accountant Students…
    now nation need narendra…

  2. VINOO says:

    With complete sense of respect to Shri Modi, I request him not to repeat the same story of development of Gujarat at every occation. Such practice may result in adverse effect as people have great faith in you and they would not like to hear the same kind of things every time. You may now jump on broader isses of our country. You should critically discuss the initial conditions, boundary conditions , the methodology and finally the solutions to all the problems in the manner of system analysis. Such talks would impress more the educated youths and intelectuals of the country. You have to prove that you are not hollow like congies.

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