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No dream & vision in PM’s speech: Kiran Bedi (Video)

New Delhi, 15 August 2013

Dubbing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s address from the ramparts of Red Fort on the occasion of country’s 67th Independence Day as uninspiring, former IPS officer-turned social activist Kiran Bedi on Thursday said that PM failed to address key concerns and his speech had no dream and vision. Speaking to media persons in New Delhi, Bedi also compared PM and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi speeches.

She said PM’s speech puts the nation to sleep whereas Modi’s speech awakes the nation.

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  3. Sancan says:

    Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day address in Bhuj seems to won the battle of the Independence Day speeches.

    In an online poll on indiatoday.in, 92 per cent of the people who took the survey liked Modi’s speech. Just 8 per cent liked Manmohan Singh’s speech from the Red Fort.

    Before Independence Day, Modi had challenged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that he would outdo the latter’s Independence Day speech.


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