I tried to replicate Japan’s model of governance when I was the CM in Gujarat:Modi

Tokyo, 2 September 2014

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today while speaking at Japan India Association function n Tokyo said India is the only place with democracy, demand & 65% of population is 35 years of age. He said he tried to replicate Japan’s model of governance when he was the Chief Minister in Gujarat.

Modi said total 4,000 persons applied to participate in this event, but due to lack of accommodation, half had to stay disappointed. He said this was a sign that like India has Look east policy, Japan is going ahead with a mood of Look at India. When Atalji was PM and Mori was PM in Japan, this closer relation was achieved.

Modi said whenever he came to Japan he observed that working style, governance, efficiency and discipline environment that is in Japan has to be adopted in India to feel Japan at home in India. Modi said whatever he observed in Japan he tried to replicate it in Gujarat.

“If you want to look outside Japan, you don’t need to look at here and there. You have familiar place outside, not just culturally families but a suitable place for growth. Stay assured, there’s no place other than India conductive for you,” Modi said.

Modi said he has observed that there are many avenues that are suitable to work together.

“When we say make in India, we want to give you an environment that, global demand of your product can be satisfied. Today Japan has high cost manufacturing. The entire economy of Japan is becoming high cost. And therefore low cost manufacturing, skilled quality manpower and ease of doing business may provide opportunity to bring results in two years in India that are achievable in 10 years in Japan.”

India has God gifted location to reach wester part of the world beyond middle east. When Suzuki used to come to me to meet for Maruti plant, I asked him that when you manufacture car in Gudgaon and send it to port it costs Rs. 9,000 per car, why not to build car near sea coast.

Modi also spoke about opportunities in defense. He said Japan built its strength in hardware while India built its strength in software field. Japan and India are not complete without each other.

“General perception of red tape in India is replaced with red carpet. Many regulations are liberalized. Perhaps there’s no government that in world which is liberalizing the rules in matching speed with India these days.”

“Those who worked with me in Gujarat are aware about speed of our work in infrastructure field. In India there are 50 cities that are standing in queue for metro rail. Have you thought about such a big business opportunity?”

“Where shall be the center of world’s economic progress? There’s no place in the world where three opportunities are available at same time. One is democracy, the other is demography and third is demand. India is the only place where all three are there. Democracy gives guarantee of safety, security and justice. Demography is about 65% population below 35.”

“There’s a government in India which is working with an agenda of development, involved in boosting manufacturing sector.”

“When I was in Gujarat, I opened an office of Jetro, our some friends even can speak some Gujarati,” Modi said.

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