Rush of visitors at Narmada dam, overflow to continue for two more days

Vadodara, 13 September, 2014

Narmada dam is overflowing for last five days, and around 35,000 visitors have visited the dam site in last four days to witness overflow. Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited(SSNNL) has earned Rs. 1.56 lakh revenue through the visitors.

The dam started overflowing on Monday at 11.32 am. The peak level of overflow was 126.16 meter. This was the first overflow of monsoon 2014 here.

More visitors are expected to arrive at dam site during the week-end. Present level at water is 123.09 meter. The height of the dam is 121.92 meter.

Due to reduced inflow from upstream areas, water level is decreasing in two to three cm measurement per hour, but in present condition, the overflow is likely to continue at least for two days.

9 turbines that include 6 turbines of riverbed power house and 3 turbines of canal head power house are functional at present. This also is contributing to reduction in water level at dam site.

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