Life and works of Nazir Dekhaiya, a gem in the realm of Gujarati Shayari

Ahmedabad: Presented below is an essay on life and works of late Gujarati poet Nazir Dekhaiya.

Nazir Dekhaiya

Nazir Dekhaiya, the gem in the realm of Gujarati Shayari needs no introduction. His life is a message that he has conveyed to the world.

In his own words,

“Kashu kehvane aavyo chu, hoon kargarva nathi aavyo, Bijani jem aa jeevan anusarva nathi aavyo.”

(I have come to tell something significant, I haven’t come here to just blabber randomly. Like others I am not here to imitate any other’s life).

His poetry (shayris/gazhals) is often quoted and sung popularly by Morari Bapu during Ram Katha, Narayan Swamy, Pranlal Vyas, Manu Patel Mastana, and Manhar Udhas with great fervor. This biography is a tribute to him and his timeless creations, a rich gift bestowed by him upon us.

This biography penned by his grand daughter, Sameera Dekhaiya Patrawala and grand son Firdaus Dekhaiya, reflects upon his life experiences which he has dexterously rendered into exemplary poetry (shayris/gazhals). He has finely woven the good and not-so-good incidences of his life in gazhals and shyaris. The book gives a glimpse into his strong bondage with family and friends, his schooling and background, his generous and benevolent nature, his relationship with outer and inner world and above all his rendezvous with God –  Krishna Jani

The Biography of Nazir Dekhaiya by Sameera Patrawala and Firdaus Dekhaiya