Gujarat origin store owner in America catches robber

SEYMOUR (WATE) – A Connecticut man was arrested after an attempted robbery in Seymour Wednesday thanks to prompt action of Gujarati origin store owner Jay Patel who used stick to kick out the rober from his store in order to save his family members.

Investigators say Eric Richard Hopkins went into the Speedway Market at 626 Maryville Highway around 8:08 p.m. The suspect grabbed an employee and demanded her to give him money from the cash register.

“The guy just started walking around from the outside and left the backpack outside came straight back while my mom was doing something over here and literally grabbed her hand and demanded money,” Jay Patel, the owner of Speedway Market, said.

The owners jumped to the cashier’s defense, grabbing a stick from behind the counter to fight off the suspect. Hopkins pulled out a knife.

“Family is more important than anything else,” Patel said. “We were trying to protect my mom and my family.”

The surveillance video shows the suspect trying to flee the scene, but the owners stopped him in the parking a lot and proceeded to strike the would-be robber with the stick.

Patel said this is the second attempted robbery at his family’s store in the last three years. He hopes this is the last.

“We hope for the best and that this will never happen again,” Patel said.

The suspect was transported to LeConte Medical Center for minor injuries, but refused treatment.

Hopkins faces charges for robbery. More charges may be added.

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