Anantnag terror attack: Pakistani flags, effigy of terrorism burnt in Gujarat


Widespread protests against the terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims were today seen across Gujarat in which effigies of terrorism and flags of Pakistan were burnt at several places even as members of Muslim community also took out rallies to condemn the incident in which 7 innocent people died.

Muslim community took out rallies against the incident near Jamalpur darwaza and Sidi Syed in Jali in Ahmedabad and burnt effigies of terrorists.

Shiv Sena burnt Pakistani flag as mark of protest near Subhash bridge while Vishwa Hindu Parishad burnt effigies of terrorism and shouted anti Pakistan slogans near town hall.

Valsad to which most of the deceased belonged saw a spontaneous bandh against it.

In Mandvi town of Kutch people burnt Pakistani flag while Bajrang Dal members took out protest rally near Trikonbag in Rajkot.

Such protest were also witnessed at many other places including Bharuch and Surat.


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