Rahul calls Surat India’s 21st century manufacturing tiger; twitterati calls it endorsement of Gujarat model of Modi

Surat: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi today visited various industries in Surat including diamond industry and zari work unit. He later tweeted: Wow. Felt so proud to see Surat’s entrepreneurial skills first hand. You are India’s 21st century manufacturing tiger.

Soon after Rahul’s this tweet praising Surat as India’s manufacturing tiger, many on BJP side reacted with tweets full of sarcasm.

Twitter user Gaurav Mohnot tweeted: This is the result of keeping Congress out of Gujarat for more than 20 years.

Twitter handle Yo Yo Funny Singh tweeted: So Rahul Gandhi you do accept Gujarat has progressed under BJP then!!

Twitter handle Jiggs (@Sootradhar) tweeted: Good.. Rahul. However, do note these same entrepreneurs used to be scared for their lives under Congress(I) ruled curfew bound Gujarat. Those black dark days of Congress(I) screwed Gujarat are still fresh. Riots, stabbings in daylight, no water, no electricity, Gujjus migrating. It was hell.

Praful Ketkar on Twitter tweeted: Why don’t you accept Rahul Gandhi that Gujarat and Gujaratis are doing fine without Congress. BJP for Gujarat.

Sandesh Samant tweeted: Which means Gujarat is goind well under BJP?

Vinayak Jain tweeted: He goes to Gujarat and proudly showcases development. Seems like people who advise him are dumber than he is.

Sonam Mahajan tweeted: Thank you for endorsing Modi’s Gujarat model.


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