Hardik in doubt whether those attending his rallies will actually vote for Congress; reminds again and again to vote against BJP in Patels rally in Surat

Surat: Patidar caste leader who is campaigning in favor of Congress ahead of Gujarat assembly polls made use of last Sunday before first phase polling. He held a road show in day time through six assembly segments where Patels have good number of votes. Hardik in his speech at Yogi Chowk area of Patel populated Varachha desperately tried to convince Patels to vote against BJP. At the same time he also said Patels must not vote for NCP or independents. Hardik said if Patels continue to vote for BJP in this election, they will lose any value. He said Patels are not valued in BJP because BJP people think where will they go? They have no option. Patels are not valued in Congress because Congress people think Patels never support Congress be it 2007 or 2012. Hardik halted five minutes and asked Patels attending the rally to dial phone call to their native place and asked relatives to vote against BJP, NCP, independents and others(but Congress). Hardik repeatedly asked Patels to vote against BJP and others(but for Congress). He even conducted pledge with mobile phone torches on to vote against BJP. Hardik was visibly seemed in doubt that people attending his rally may finally vote for BJP only. He was therefore again and again reminding the people desperately to vote against BJP. Once he also said,’if you like BJP then vote them next time, but not this time.’


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