Congress could save Amethi if Rahul had focused there rather than taking rounds in Gujarat: Shah

Kheralu (Gujarat):

BJP president Amit Shah today said that had Rahul Gandhi would have focused on his Loksabha constituency rather than ‘taking rounds’ in Gujarat, Congress perhaps could have saved itself from defeat in Amethi Municipality during recent local body polls in UP.

Addressing an election rally in this North Gujarat town today Shah said since 1998 every time Congress started claiming of victory just before assembly polls but they vanish at 12 in the noon on the counting day.

‘Congress get sewn new cloths every time and start spreading rumors of its imminent victory. It happened in 1998, 2002, 2007, 2012 and now this is happening in 2017. They are wiped out by the noon of counting day every time and vanish,’ he said.

‘It recently lost 16 municipal corporations in UP and were wiped out completely in the state which was a den of the party once. Now for searching Congress in UP you need a telescope. They have not only lost the corporations of big cities like Lucknow, Agra, Varanasi etc but also lost the municipality of Amethi. BJP has achieved grand victory and the UP polls show the mood of the people of the country,’ he added.

Shah said, ‘Rahul baba could not save even Amethi municipality. Had he focused on Amethi and visited it before local body polls instead of doing the rounds in Gujarat perhaps Congress would not have lost in the municipality election there.’

He also hit out at Rahul saying that he should not ask for accounts from BJP and Modi ji about Gujarat as during the long rule of Congress and his own ‘3 generations’ they did not do anything for the state.


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