PM Modi appeals to give reply to Mani Shankar Aiyar’s ‘Neech’ remark through vote against Congress


PM Narendra Modi today said that senior Congress leader and former union minister Mani Shankar Aiyar’s calling him ‘Neech’ was the evidence of the Moghul or Sultanate-like mentality of desperate Congress and appealed the people to not to attack him verbally or on social media like twitter with indecent words in retaliation but to give vent to their anger by taking revenge for this insult of the Prime Minister’s post and son of Gujarat by pushing buttons in the upcoming assembly election.

Addressing an election rally in Limbayat area of Surat Modi said, ‘Congress has been wiped every where and now it was desperate and in such desperation Aiyar who comes from a learned family background and was himself an IFS officer, Ambassador of India in many countries and even union minister in Manmohan government today said that Modi was of a Neech and low caste. You tell me whether it was insult of Gujarat or not. It is evident of the Moghul and Sultanate like mentality owing to which people in villages were not allowed to wear good and costly cloths and even ride horses in their marriages.’

He said, ‘ With this mentality one sees people as high and low. You (Congress) called us donkey, you called us a worm of sewer and now you have called me of low caste and neech but yes despite being of a lower caste my Samskars were high. On December 18 (counting day) the ballot boxes (EVMs he meant) will let you know how the people revenge for speaking in such a manner for a son of Gujarat.”

Modi said, ‘You have seen me as as CM for 14 years and later as PM but I have not done any such thing which makes any citizen of the country look low. Did I ever did any low act or ever discriminated on the basis of lower and upper caste. The Maharathis of Congress may call me Neech after loosing their mental balance but I don’t feel hurt. I work for the marginalized people and sit with them and if it seems Neech to you, I am proud of my background. I appeal every body with folded hands that there should be no retaliation with indecent words on social media like twitter or otherwise. If you feel enraged owing to such a mentality push the buttons of Lotus on the election day on December 9 and 14.  The reply to calling me Neech was this and the way to teach them a lesson was through the ballot boxes (EVMs).’

He said, ‘Since my tenure as CM I have tolerated many insults.  They (Congress leaders) called me merchant of death and even conspired to put me in jail. They did not left anything in ill-treating me but I have not done anything with an intention to take revenge. This is not my way. I behave as per the high values of public life.’

Aiyar, who has now been suspended by Congress for his utterance , had termed Modi as a ‘Neech kism ka Aadmi’ for his attacks on Nehru Gandhi family.


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