Tax on live telecast? Morari Bapu discusses the issue in his Savarkundla Katha

Bhavnagar: Ram Kathakar Moradi Bapu in his ongoing Katha in Savarkundla mentioned the discussions going on regarding reported government action of imposing tax on live telecast in religious TV channels.

Morari Bapu said, ‘This katha is being telecast in 170 countries live with delay of half an hour. Recently Astha channel was told by government something like that they need to pay Rs 1 lakh per day for live telecast. It is heard that such rule has been introduced. Government tries this when it faces slide(in revenue). Many people ask over phone calls, Bapu why katha is not relayed on Astha(channel)? But I want to tell the world that though katha telecast is not live, it is telecast with half an hour delay. So when katha starts here at 9.30 am, you need to start watching it at 10.00 am. Some decision will(hopefully) arrive.’

Morari Bapu then asked someone in the audience, ‘It’s same even now, right?’ and continued, ‘so this has stopped over the issue of Rs one lakh. They(the Centre) found none other in budget? They found only us? Because we are not left wing, south wing, we are middle path taking Buddha followers. Budget experts say those on the top and those in bottom are benefited(by recent union budget), but middle class? We read such things in newspaper. But they choose us first……Whatever, I am saying this just in lighter mood.’


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