Summer like temperatures in Gujarat likely to subside in a couple of days


The weather in Gujarat, which for the past some time was looking like onset of summer even before the proper departure of winter, is likely to again become cooler in next couple of days owing to an approaching western atmospheric disturbance.

Temperatures, both minimum and maximum have soared in the past few days and the pattern continued today as well with the maximum temperature reaching 38.8 ° C (in Mahuva). More than 19 places recorded over 36 ° C of temperature. Even the minimum temperature at Idar was 25.1 ° C . At least 14 places saw above 20 minimum temperatures.

In-charge Director of Ahmedabad met center Manorama Mohanty today said that the wind pattern was mostly responsible for it.

‘The generally northeasterly winds were prevailing at the lower levels over the region. The wind is dry and because of absence of much moisture in the air the temperatures have soared causing summer like feeling,’ She said.

She, however, said that a western disturbance was approaching and owing to that the wind pattern will change and clouds will also hover and the air would become moisty bringing the temperatures down.

‘Before the proper onset of summer we will see many ups and downs in temperatures,’ She said.

Meanwhile in Ahmedabad the maximum temperature today at 36.5 ° C was 3.6 degress above normal while the minimum at 19.5 ° C was also more than 3 notches above normal.

The maximum and minimum temperatures at various places across Gujarat were as follows –

PORBANDAR 38.6 20.6 AHMEDABAD 36.5 19.5 RAJKOT 37.8 20.6 DEESA 37.1 18.3 VERAVAL 33.5 22.6 GANDHINAGAR 35.5 18.0 IDAR 37.7 25.1 SURENDRANAGAR 37.7 21.5 V.V. NAGAR 36.4 21.3 MAHUVA 38.8 20.0 VADODARA 37.0 20.0 BHUJ 38.2 19.2 SURAT 38.4 22.4 VALSAD 36.4 19.1 NALIYA 36.5 15.6 KANDLA PORT 36.6 19.6 AMRELI 38.0 21.0 KANDLA AIRPORT 36.8 20.1 BHAVNAGAR 36.1 21.2 DWARKA 34.5 21.6 OKHA 29.3 23.8.


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