Gujarat govt revokes appointment of Vivek Patel as Senate member after video of his remark went viral

Gandhinagar: Gujarat government has taken a decision to cancel the appointment of Vivek Patel as senate member of North Gujarat University. Vivek Patel, after his appointment as senate member had told a small gathering that he should be contacted anytime for any help including the help to pass the exam even if failed.

‘I will come daily to university.You can call me even at midnight for any work. Even at 2 am I will answer your phone call. Admission, change in the subject of study, passing the exam even if you are failed, I can’t say (that in public) but all jobs will be done. Even if you call me at midnight, I am ready and at your service, and your work will be done,’ Patel wearing saffron scarf told a group of youths gathered to welcome him on his appointment as Senate member inside the university campus.

Video of Vivek Patel giving this statement had gone viral online. He was highly criticized for such utterance.

A day after, the Chief Minister decided to cancel his appointment.


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