E-Kart delivery man held for alleged groping a woman in Surat

Surat: A delivery man from a popular online retailer has been arrested for allegedly groping a woman after delivering a package in the Umra area of the city.

The incident occurred on June 5 when the delivery boy, named Sufiyan Patel, arrived to deliver an order that the woman had placed with Flipkart but later decided to cancel. Despite her cancellation request, the delivery man insisted that she accept the package and allegedly began touching her inappropriately. The woman called for help, and the society’s watchman and other individuals apprehended and beat the delivery man.

The suspect, who was employed by EKart, a subsidiary of Flipkart, has been charged with sexual harassment. Flipkart has announced that they are currently investigating the incident. The deputy commissioner of police emphasized the importance of verifying the identity of delivery personnel and raising security awareness within communities. DeshGujarat