Director of Rajkot International Airport at Hirasar clarifies teething problems

Rajkot: After the controversy surrounding the initial challenges at the newly operational Rajkot International Airport in Hirasar, the airport’s director stated that there is an ample water supply at the airport and everything is operating normally. Passengers are expressing their satisfaction with the new airport, he added.

On Water supply

Regarding the recent water scarcity issue, Hirasar Airport Director Diganta Borah explained, ‘There was no problem on the 10th and 11th of September(when the airport was opened for passengers for the first time). On the 12th, we learned that a pipeline had burst, causing a disruption in the water supply for about 1.5 hours. Subsequently, the necessary repairs were made, and everything is back to normal.’

‘We have borewells supplying sufficient water and two tanks with a capacity of 50,000 litres each. One tank is reserved for firefighting, while the other serves general purposes. Prior to the completion of the new building, we will have a permanent water supply connection from the state government, and most of the work is already finished, except for some pending tasks in the forested area due to the monsoon. As soon as this work is completed, we will have a reliable water supply whenever needed. Currently, there is ample water availability,’ he added.

On Interim terminal

Speaking on the capacity of the airport, Borah said, “The old airport faced space constraints, and the current terminal building is an interim building until the new building is ready by March or April next year. Afterward, this existing interim terminal building will be repurposed as a cargo terminal. Despite being a temporary terminal, it accommodates around 230 passengers and provides ample space for movement, unlike the congested conditions at the old airport, where capacity was only 125 passengers and they had difficulty finding space to stand during boarding calls.”

On international status 

“The airport has been granted International Category status in the DGCA license.”Although international flights are not operating yet, they will commence operations as soon as the main terminal building is completed. The upcoming main building is expected to be ready by April 2024 and will feature separate terminals for arrivals and departures, as well as customs and immigration areas,” the official added.

Regarding the controversy surrounding the airport, the director mentioned that these might be the individual views of some people. They have sought neutral feedback from passengers, and the majority of passengers are satisfied with the services. Continuous feedback is being collected from passengers, and they prefer the new airport over the old one. DeshGujarat