How can you order Ambaji Prasad online ?

Ambaji: Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel recently inaugurated a comprehensive fulfillment center service at Ambaji Mandir, enabling devotees to order Ambaji Prasad online. This service allows devotees, both within India and around the globe, to receive the renowned Mohanthal and Cheeky Prasad from the Shaktipeeth Ambaji at their doorsteps without leaving their homes.

After they place an online order, the Prasad will be delivered to the homes of devotees within seven to ten days. Additionally, devotees using this service will have the ability to track the status of their Prasad orders.

The Significance of Ambaji Prasad

Mohanthal Prasad and Cheeky Prasad are revered offerings at Ambaji, symbolizing the blessings of Goddess Amba. The prasad is so famous that more than 1 crore prasad boxes are sold at Ambaji every year.

How to Order Ambaji Prasad Online

Step 1: Visit; the homepage will then open.

Step 2: Navigate to online services and select the “Online Prasad” option.

Step 3: Choose from the options of Mohanthal and Cheeky Prasad.

Step 4: After clicking on purchase, a signup/login page will appear. Sign up with your name, mobile number, and email ID. After filling in the details, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number.

Step 5: Log in using your mobile number and password, customize your order with delivery preferences, and view pricing details.

Step 6: Input your name and address details in the ‘Add New Address’ section.

Step 7: Make an online payment through the website using the provided payment methods.

Step 8: After completing the online payment, your order will be confirmed, and Ambaji Prasad will reach your doorstep in a few days.

Features of Ambaji Prasad Online Service

Swift Delivery: Devotees will receive the prasad within 7 to 10 days via courier after placing the order.

Real-time Updates: During transit, devotees can track the location of Prasad regularly.

Environmental Consciousness: The online service agency packages Prasad in an environmentally friendly manner, contributing to environmental protection.

The Vision Behind Ambaji Prasad Online

In today’s digital age, the Ambaji Temple Trust has developed a plan to deliver Prasad directly to the doorsteps of devotees, making it accessible to all. For this purpose, the website of Ambaji Temple,, has been re-developed.

Situated at Gabbar Hill in north Gujarat, Shaktipeeth Ambaji Mandir is a revered pilgrimage site known for its spiritual significance. DeshGujarat