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Comedy:Ramesh Mehta’s ‘Chundadi’(Mp3 & Video)


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Without doubt, the most famous face in Gujarati films known to Gujarati youths, both from urban and rural segment, the great comedian Ramesh Mehta is sounded in this episode here. Ramesh Mehta’s voice will make you laugh and you would love to listen this episode again and again. Must for all Ramesh Mehta fan. And all those who are not his fan should listen this to join his long fan list.

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  1. Amit says:

    Hit chhe bhai, Majaa padi gayi, majaa majaa padi gayi, Ramesh mehta kharekhar great comedian chhe, aapdo gujarati bhaai.

  2. Viral says:


    In a short time, I have become a great admirer of yours. Bahu maza aavi gayi yaar Ramesh Maheta no avaaj saambhali ne. Please let me know if you want to share the burden of this great activity of maintaining Deshgujarat.

    Can you please let me know who has composed the title song of deshgujarat.com? It is really sonorous.

    Thanking you,
    Viral Sheth

  3. DeshGujarat says:

    Thank you very much Viralbhai,

    Maintaining DeshGujarat is not a ‘burden’ but ‘a mission’ for Gujarati patriotism. Gujarati patriotism is in action at DeshGujarat and we are enjoying it at our end as much as you are enjoying it at your end. About your offer to help, we apreciate it, we have taken the note of it and will keep in mind in future. If you have something specific in your mind about this, please reach to us at DeshGujarat@gmail.com

    Thanks again for all. We have this site for listeners like you.

    Jay Gujarat,
    DeshGujarat Desk,

  4. Viral says:

    Hi Deshgujarat team members,

    I demand pardon for using the word ‘burden’. Mission indeed sounds the right word. I am a great fan of Gujarati literature, songs and plays. I still have been searching for those golden songs which we used to listen to on the Aakaashwani in old days. Following are some of them. If you can podcast them on deshgujarat, users will really appreciate them. I shall write you in detail on the mail ID you have mentioned.

    1) Mithdi raate nindi vaagi – Satyavaan Saavitri
    2) Janani ni jod sakhi jade nahi re lol
    3) aandhali maa no patra
    4) Ked kaanto vaagyo
    5) Taara rup no afini tara bol no bandhani – Mukesh sung
    6) Aaj mane laagyo kasunbi no rang


  5. Ankita says:

    Jalso padi gayo, realy enjoyed and am listening to this repetedly.

  6. shefali says:

    Will eagerly wait for more stuff on Ramesh Mehta. All episodes rock and this one too and you are right this episode is for repeat listening.

  7. Mihir says:

    Agree with Shefali…Waiting for more fun…

  8. sapan says:

    hey its really nice to hear on this site.. we were in school and i know that this guy will do something in future.. bravo man.. its really nice to hear from you people that amdavad is changing for good and that make me to come back to my own ahmedabad..

  9. Rinku says:

    you have done a great job for Guju’s out side of India. I really like your ” Amdavad is changing ” episodes. Please keep up the good work. You are doing an excellent job. Please bring us more stuff. I was wandering if you can fine someone to do ” Anand is changing ” and keep all ” Anandwaasi ” informed. Please let me know. Thanks and God Bless.

  10. dinesh says:

    very good for deshgujarat

  11. hi

    first of all Thank you for all Deshgujarat.com team members.It’s really very nice site,It’s good to heard your native language after long time,well you are right in new hindi & English trach we really ignore our cultural & language but good to know that some is still tying for that.

    I woulld be glad to heard this all stuff as well eagerly waiting for more.

    Thanx again & Goodluck for maintaining this website..Keep it up..really good pieace of work.

    Priya Shastri

  12. chirag says:

    jalso padigayo maja aavi gai gujaratdesh.com bau saru che

  13. darshan patel says:

    maja avi gai…he is legend………..koi mane TARA ROOP NO BANDHANI….gazals ni link apshe hu e download krva magu chu…pls mane madad karsho?

  14. sagar says:

    aa video ma thi to mara desh ni foram awe chai……………..thnak gujarat desh.com mane mara desh thi bhet karwyi chai

  15. shakil says:

    gani maza avi. gana samay thi gujarati film jovanu man thay che pan jovanu nathi maltu. mari tamone requiest che please gujarati filmo web upar muko. tamaro gano aabhar…..let me know when you gone do.

  16. jigneshpatel says:

    i am very proud now we have deshgujarat.com.au website
    i would like to see online gujarati moovie because i am in australia

  17. valimohammed lakhani says:

    really enjoyableprod for gujarat hope going progresswith good going with gujarati langvage and gujarati cusatam thanks again lakhani

  18. Rakesh Patel says:

    Sh. Rameshbhai Mehta, Really, a great Comedy Actor…
    Best pair with Shri Upendra Trivedi…
    As a Gujarati person I am proud f him.

    God give his soul peace… in Heaven.

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