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Panchatantra Story for Gujarati children


Do you rememebr? We used to enjoy excellent stories from Panchatantra in our childhood? Here is one in audio format, Enjoy.

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  1. Hey,

    Good finding, if possible, give URL to the publisher’s website so, if somebody wants to purchase online or if somebody wants to find some option for procuring it, it can be possible. Good story thought!! :-) Remembering those days…..


  2. DeshGujarat says:

    Jigarbhai, I guess cd is not available on website by e-commerce so far but publishers are THE INFOWARE HOUSE ,2, Ishwar Park,
    Hindu Colony-Ishwar Bhuvan Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad – 380014, Gujarat, India
    Phone: 91-079-26460896, 9327015889 email adresses: is@vsnl.com,infowarehouse_2000@yahoo.com

    DeshGujarat Desk,

  3. Dharmesh Patel says:

    More about infowarehouse http://www.mahagujarat.com/panch.htm infowarehouse@vsnl.net

    As personally I want to say that the Maker of this CD is Mr. Hemant Agrawal . we are the classmate in our college.
    You may be surprise that what is his background. he is B. Pharmacy. from LMCP 1998 Graduate.
    After finishing B.Pharm I joined the MPharm and he started his computer business as name INFOWAREHOUSE.

    I am in contact with him until 2002 after that i relocated to Baroda and then in 2005 to Canada.

    As i know he did not get too much good responce from the market so he had slow down the all that info CD business. but he has still all the title with him.

    many other GOOD title are alos on that website.

  4. Jayanti Patel says:

    Dharmeshbhai and dearest DeshGujarat people,

    Above email adresses are right but there is no response back. I think person who made this c.d. has closed down his c.d. business(may be as Dharmeshbhai has told in his comment, because of not good response) and therefore not checking inbox related to that. Deshgujarat people has tried to push these peoples’ work in limelight, this is highly admirable. Gujarati good stuff should be bought by the people. But please help for correct adress. We may buy c.d. for Gujarati Samaj here where children are regulr weekend visitors. Thanks Deshgujarat. Jay Gujarat.

  5. kanaiyo says:

    Excellent story with message. I liked Brahmin’s voice which is very comic. I will search for C.D.’s availability.

  6. Confused Patel says:

    Voices are funny and entertaining. I liked this very much.

  7. rathin r says:

    Great stuff. I am listening to this story again and again. Plesae give download option for my ipod.

  8. Chintan joshi says:

    Animated Panchatantra stories in English are available for free to watch on this website but unfortunately it’s in English http://www.urday.com/tales.html

    Also one thing comes in my mind that Gujarati children staying outside of Gujarat can watch the Gujarati animation c.d. of Panchatantra and can perform Panchatantra in Gujarati drama at Gujarati samaj functions. Look in this photo, children are performing the same

    Also as I heard Brahmin and Bakri story on Deshgujarat’s this episode I searched for it’s image and got this pic, that you too enjoy.

  9. pranay says:

    i want panchtantra story cd. how can i buy that? iam in caneda.pleas mail me on pankun@rediffmail.com

  10. ANANDI VYAS says:

    i am liveing in canada. i try to found balgeet cd every where but still i can not found it. if somebody have any downlod link avilable or online link to lestion pliz….pliz…send me on my email add.my id is – anandi_vys@yahoo.ca

    thanks o lot

  11. MALIK says:

    Can anyone help me? I need one book named “YOGVIDHYA NI SANDHYA MAA”

  12. BRIJESH SONI says:

    I PLEASED to search this site. This is very helpful for building our children sense of humer.
    presently i am working in saudi arabia, from where or how can i get this C D or book that u publish. pl send me details.

  13. HITESH says:

    i want to buy this story cd please send me detail

  14. gopal kapatel says:

    I want cd in gujarati how can I get it, and How much for it please send me an email ASAP thank u

  15. avnika says:

    I really like your panchtantra stroy.

  16. tejas says:

    Dear sir,
    I want to purchase panchtatra cd in gujarati
    Pl. give me address for purchase by mail

  17. hitendra says:

    i Dear sir,
    I want to purchase panchtatra cd in gujarati
    Pl. give me address for purchase by mail

  18. gohilpravinsinh says:

    i want to pannchtantra story

  19. parth parmar says:

    nice to listen your stories…………

  20. prashant says:

    I want this book or c.d. etc.

  21. Bharat M.Joshi says:

    Iwant c.d.

  22. bhavesh prajapati says:

    I like children. i think every child happy on his life

  23. vinod prajapati says:

    how can i read oncomputer

  24. salman says:


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