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Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Riverfront Project(Video)

Video of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s stall with a giant poster of Sabarmati riverfront project at ‘Gujarat Discovered’ exhibition in Vibrant Gujarat international investors’ summit 2007

In ‘Gujarat Discovered’ exhibition at Vibrant Gujarat international investors’ summit 2007, the most attractive stall was from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation which was about Sabarmati riverfront project of Ahmedabad.

There was a massive big poster showing Satellite picture of Ahmedabad city and Sabarmati River. There were some posters about how Sabarmati riverfront would ultimately look when it become a reality. Posters of Sabarmati riverfront were given free to visitors from this stall. DeshGujarat.Com captured a video of this stall. Along with this video you can also see photographs of Sabarmati riverfront project’s future projections. Remember, this is a long term project and has so many hurdles to solve.

Video featuring Sabarmati Riverfront Project

Photographs exhibited by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation showing how Sabarmati riverfront project will look ultimately when it is completed





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Slideshow about Sabarmati Riverfront Project




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  1. zohaib says:

    can any one let me know when these all water sports will get start and also when these river will start flowing both the end…

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